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Rob Moses


Anyone on here using Celtx? What do you think?

Michael B Jackson

I used Celtx on a video game project. It was a few years ago and was a little buggy. The video game company used it because it was easy to integrate screen images and script. Tried it again a while back. The update seemed to work fine. As the post above said- great price. Final Draft is my first choice for writing. But If I was asked to use Celtx it wouldn't be a problem.

Sean Patrick Burke

I think Celtx is an awesome project due to its accessibility with anyone. I own Final Draft and I use it quite regularly, but I tend to use Celtx just as much because not everyone I work with can afford Final Draft. You can create Studio on Celtx which is much like Google connect program. Formatting a script is easy when you know what you are doing and a program won't make a big difference either.

Sean Patrick Burke


Julia Loh

I use Celtx and it's free so yeah! it's awesome :)

Patrick Stephan Marshall

Have been using it for some time and like it a lot. The sharing function is cool too, but the individual files are not updated individually, which makes version control over the cloud somewhat hard. But all in all, really good. The open source component makes it especially cool for tinkerers.

Karen Keslen

I use. Celtx is very good to me.

Zondra Mae

I have used for the past five years and love it! Very user friendly!

Ray Anthony Martinez

I LOVE all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celtx rules!!!!! LOL!

Jayden Miller

I like Celtx!

Daniel Botha

I lost faith in Celtx not too long ago when it suddenly crashed and I lost all my work with it. Luckily I had backed everything up, so it was alright. Celtx is great right until you have a scary moment where you think you've lost all your work. Back everything up!!

Ray Anthony Martinez

Daniel, that can happen with any and every program. The great thing about Celtx is the "cloud" feature. You can save a draft to the cloud and not have to worry about it ever being lost!

Julian Nabunya

i have been using it since 2010 , to me its ok ....

Harald Beran

I have been using Celtx for a couple of years. I have the free version, but I do feel like it is really easy to use after getting the hang of it! Thumbs up for using Celtx.

Nicolas Hurt

I am a student, and I have written all of my screenplays with Celtx. As long as you are not doing professional work, it is satisfactory.

Ray Anthony Martinez

Why would you say that if you aren't doing "professional" work it is satisfactory? "Professional" work consists of a properly formatted script. It doesn't matter what program you use to write it! You hand someone a script and they expect it to be formatted properly, they can't tell what you used to write it with!

Sean Patrick Burke

I agree with Ray on this one. A studio/network/private investor won't give a shit what program you wrote it on as long as it is in proper format. You could take the time to write a screenplay on typewriter (which I have) and it will look great. It is about proper formatting and content that matter most. Celtx is great for all aspects of screenwriting in my opinion and I use both Final Draft and Celtx.

Anthony James Rummel

Great tool! Especially for a student like me!

Amanda Scotney

i'm enjoying developing some character profiles on it at the moment. It's easy to write scripts on. I'm sure it has some really useful features I haven't discovered yet.

Zondra Mae

It is for professional use! I have been working with a producer out in New York, who is connected with movies like The Island of Dr. Moreau and a verity of other TV and Film credits to his name and he say "my work is professionally and properly formatted" And I only use the Celtx screenwriting program! For a few months now he has been mentoring me on my writing. Keeping me grounded to bring out the best in my work. You all know how the people in business are, if you don't have it correct they don't pull any punches on how they tell you. They won't waist their time on half assed bull. They'll " say don't call us, we won't call you!"

Ed Kowalski

I only use Celtx, before that is was Word with custom script styles. I can't afford FD! I love it, BUT have a BIG prob with margins, can't format them, so a 90 page script becomes 87. Anyone else see this?

Cynthia Parker

I also use Celtx

Vonnie Davis

I use it and have had no problems. I like how it also lets you save your scripts to PFX

Ben Felix Spencer

Celtx is great, couldn't live without it! Why spend money when you don't need to? That said, would like the option to tweak some of the default settings.

Steven Seidman

I recommend Final Draft for Screenwriting, it is great and easy to use.

Craig Glatt

I've been using "fadein" and really enjoy it

Guy McDouall

Fade In Pro. One fifth the cost of Final Draft and arguably better, though not regarded as the "industry standard." Don't confuse that last sentence with not formatting to the industry standard. It formats it at least as well as anything else. If you're actually paid writer on a sitcom or something, I can see why you need to shell out the extra dough to make sure you're using the exact same software as the other writers you're collaborating with on a project. However, I don't think most other writers NEED to shell out the extra bucks. Celtx and Fade In (and a few others I'm probably missing) do a great job and save you over $200. EDIT: Just realized the previous comment has resurrected this thread from over a year ago. Arrgh!

Ed Kowalski

I use Celtx exclusively and haven't seen very much wonk. And I like the price!

Holly Rivney

I am using Celtx, free version, and like the import feature so I can write in Word if I want.

Ed Kowalski

Hav u had anything optioned Lisa?

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