Screenwriting : Character Introduction. by Andrea Celis

Andrea Celis

Character Introduction.

Hello! I hope everyone is having an amazing day!

You´re all probably tired of my questions, since I make so many, haha. But here I am, again.

I know that, when a character´s age changes, you have to introduce them in different ways. What I mean is, if the character´s name is JOHN, (for example), and the writer´s describing a scene from his childhood, they´d have to introduce him as YOUNG JOHN or BABY JOHN, according to the context.

But my question is. Do you have to refer to them the same way when you write their actions? Or would JOHN be enough (in the example above)?

Richard Gustason

My thoughts here but I would stick with "YOUNG JOHN". However to add something to it I would give the younger John a nickname when he is being spoken to if he is being spoken to. This way if the nickname is used later on in the script when we go back to older John, that may plant a seed as to know maybe that person knows him from his younger days. Again, just my thoughts here.

Andrea Celis

That´s a wonderful idea, Richard. So, I would use the character´s nickname to describe their actions?

Richard Gustason

When it comes to actions, I would use YOUNG JOHN. For the nickname, that can be used for dialogue. Again, have a character John knows use that so the audience will go "Oh so this guy/girl has known John since he was little". EX: Action: Young John is trying to go into the kitchen when his friend stops him Dialouge: Mike :" Hey Johnny I would not go in there. Your mom is gonna kill you." This also will tie into the lead having a friend or co-hort to achieve whatever the lead is trying to achieve in your script. Happy writing.

Andrea Celis

Got it. Thank you, Richard!

Dan Guardino

Even though it is the same person they are different characters so you would have to use Young John in the action if that is the character in the scene. Keep in mind if there is a big difference in age they may have to use two different actors. If they can use the same actor the actor would have to know which character they are playing because a 19 YEAR OLD JOHN would act differently than say a 39 YEAR OLD JOHN.

Felix Agyeman Boahen

Try and find a movie with a similar situation and copy from there. BEST OF LUCK.

Dan MaxXx

how did the writer of "Benjamin Button" describe Benjamin as he ages?

Dan Guardino

Back to the Future is a good one to look up.

Peter Roberts

For the actors you need to identify the relevant age when there is such a large gap. Baby; Young; Teenager; etc.

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