Screenwriting : Character Names not Mentioned in Dialogue by Frank Wood

Frank Wood

Character Names not Mentioned in Dialogue

May one attach a name to a character in the action when the audience never hears the name in the dialogue? A name sounds better than "PERSON TWO", etc., but using the name of a minor character can sometimes seem forced in the dialogue.

Steven Seidman

If they have name and it's in the script, it is fine. It helps the reader and you keep track of them. When you introduce a new Character you always put there name and in caps, but only when on screen and just because they are on screen doesn't mean they have to speak or be spoken to.

Frank Wood

Thanks guys (and Jacqueline). Exactly what I needed.

Tim Lane

I would resist giving a minor character a proper name. A reader tends to see any character with a proper name as someone of some importance. For example: CUTE BARISTA tells us she just serving coffee. Even if in dialog she gets addressed withthey use

Guy Goldstein ( And

Names are important, and they do make a statement about your character. Every element in screenwriting is important. I agree with you Tim!

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