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Lindsay Aichinger

Chemical Convert

I hope it is okay to post here. I just rejoined after the pitch session today. It was inspiring!

Anyways I am looking to write my first feature and looking for a mentor or writing partner. The feature will be my story adapted into a screenplay...

As a chemical engineer, I have found it very difficult to pursue a career in something I have been proud of. I have dealt with so much pain as someone "just trying to do their job" but when does that become too much of a burden for someone to take.

I was an intern working for DuPont making insecticides in 2013. I went back to school the following year and on November 14th, 2014, I found out about a chemical leak that killed four people in my area. Depression took over of course but I was persistent on finding answers to why these chemicals are used... Years later I found out a solution that could rid our world of chemicals forever and it lies in the ocean... Shortly after discovering this solution, another one of my coworkers died from something unrelated to chemicals but a health problem nonetheless... I have found some peace in activism but my story will mostly feature my struggle to get past these events and forge a career that may actually help me make a difference while finding closure with those lost...

This is the premise of my story. I am launching a brand soon to feature ocean mineral products. I want to be able to relay WHY I am in activism and why everyone should actually care about how we fertilize our soils! I wrote an article on Thrive Global last month. Let me know what you think...

I Made Insecticides and Now I Promote Farming Soil Solutions to Get Rid of Them. For Good.
I Made Insecticides and Now I Promote Farming Soil Solutions to Get Rid of Them. For Good.
It is not easy looking back for me. Like anyone going through trauma and depression, looking backwards can instantly bring painful memories or regret that you will carry forever. I was 22 years old wh…
Erik A. Jacobson

It is important to remember that movies are meant to tell a great Story, not to sell products or put across a Message. Did you see the recent movie about a young attorney who struggles to take on a chemical company over their damage to the soil and the health of a farm community? Didn't see it myself but took notice of the plot since my sister has been a long-time activist against the DuPont Company in Iowa.

Lindsay Aichinger

Did you read my article? This more or less has to do with mineral deficiency and replacing the minerals that have been washed away from the soil over the years due to erosion and rain runoff. Organic doesn't even address this issue. It is a chemical imbalance in our soil caused by lack of minerals.

And yes some people do see this as advocacy for a "product" but essentially it's advocating for more natural ways (the ocean) of farming that get rid of the very chemicals we actually need. Have you noticed these plants are bug attracters? Because the plant calls out to them since they are dying. It's an important subject that can help us grow more nutrient dense crops.

It will be an uphill battle against Big Ag but at least I got nature on my side.

Dan Guardino

Lindsay. I might need a chemical engineer's advise on something so maybe we can help each other. I will send you an invite so we can see how maybe we can help each other.

Jason Mirch

Hi Lindsay Aichinger It is so great to have you here! And thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Very powerful! Please feel free to reach out to me directly at any point

Robert Russo

I hope you do eventually make a movie out of this because we have no future if we continue approaching agriculture with a totally incorrect paradigm. Many diseases stem from chronic nutritional deficiencies. If you ever need someone to talk to about trauma/healing you can reach out to me. I have overcome my own ptsd and helped others heal from many serious mental issues in short periods of time. You can be healed I assure you. God bless.

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