Screenwriting : Collaboration on a Concept by Roy Lionheart

Roy Lionheart

Collaboration on a Concept

Just need some help on writing a concept, I got this far on it though I'm not sure about it. 

T working title: Safe Place

drama, thriller

90 minutes

Thomas Kang is a buisnessman, his father abandoned him. Now Ted returns after 33 years and asks his son for money.

Segment 2: Continue thus story.

note: It can have some horror elements

Craig Prickett

I'd write that as a psychological thriller.I'd have the son although angry and distant from the father compelled by his desire to know the truth behind the abandonment to go on a physical journey into the fathers world.I'd write the father as a conflicted character and try and create a character that the audience isn't sure whether they are mentally ill or are completely sane.As the son gets dragged deeper into his fathers world both he and the audience become more accepting of the fathers world view and probably end it with a twist of psychotic insanity by the father that reveals the truth and puts the son in intense physical danger.I would also try and create a safe place due to the title that is a physical place that represents both psychological and physical safety.I'd hint at it throughout the script in cryptic ways and use it in the climax.Hope helpful.

William Martell

What is the physical conflict? The conflict that we can see on film?

Father hits up son for money. Son either writes him a check or refuses... End of movie.

Hard to imagine me paying $13 to see that in a cinema.

Rutger Oosterhoff

Ted comes back to ask his son for money because he lost his job; now he and his new family lose their house if they don''t pay the rent. What both Thomas and Ted don'know is that Ted is not Thomas father in the first place. What is the true story behind all of this only Thomas mother can tell. The woman that is a patient in a mad house.The woman that tells everyone she ones had an afair with a famous business man who left her...blablabla--there are so many plots you can come up with.

Roy Lionheart

Thanks for the suggestions guys, figuring it out on my own usally takes 2 weeks.

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