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Hank Biro

Communism in Movies

Do all scripts inherently promote communism in a positive manner? After watching Hail, Caesar! I believe this to be true, whether intentionally or not, and personally I’m glad because capitalism is an evil, destructive concept. Many of my favourite movies feature unsavoury wealthy, high status characters or equally greedy poor or middle wage earning characters who suffer from their strive for riches, or they change and realize money isn’t important.

Eric Christopherson

I think one of the roles of film is to critique the status quo. And I think there are plenty of critiques of capitalism to be found in film, whether implied or overt (e.g., Wall Street). But I think most films don't examine it at all. From what I recall of The Social Network, for example, there is no critique. The game is simply played within the rules of capitalism.

Erick Freitas

Funny, I just saw this movie on Netflix. Not sure if movies really profess the joys of real communism though. Maybe more criticisms on capitalism - but not sure communism. Unless you are automatically assuming any movie that defends the working man or "little guy" as communism. Which would be incorrect.

Jody Hadlock

I would say they don't. The mini-series CHERNOBYL is one example. Communism is an awful system. I adopted my son from Romania, a former communist country, and I can personally attest to how abhorrent the system is.

Doug Nelson

A Screenwriting forum is a good place to troll a little political ain't it?

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

At the end of the day you tell whatever story you want to about any social, economic system. Communist, socialist movies don't do well at the box office. On a personal note, I have two friends. One's a Russian Jew and the other a Ukrainian Jew ... they did not have one positive thing to say about communism. And all the others I know from Eastern Block countries have said the same.

Jody Hadlock

No one's trolling anyone here. This post showed up as trending on this platform and having a genuine interest, I commented. I've been to Romania several times, the last time in June of last year, and I can personally say how much better off the country is under a more democratic system than communism. My friends who live there will tell you the same.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

You'll find most films take on an anti-capitalism or anti-patriarchy theme because that's the society we currently live in and art is inherently a reflection of society. We tell stories that we relate to. People can relate to being screwed over by the rich. They always have.

Phillip "The Gent" Hardy

Communism has done wonders for Havana, especially when if comes to preserving vintage consumer items like automobiles.

Niksa Maric

You do understand, Communism and Socialism are two different things. Communism is a political system, Socialism is primarily an economic system that can exist in various forms under a wide range of political systems. Long story short: In Socialism, you work, you get paid and the amount of money depends what you do. Communism From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. Free-access to the articles of consumption which means you work, you go to a store and take what you need and go home to prepare the meal. It was never activated anywhere in the world because it can't work. Well, it works, if you live deep inside Brazilian Rain Forest or on some isolated island in Indian Ocean. Not even Socialism can work on a large scale.

Vic Burns

Relax bro.

Craig D Griffiths

Phillip "The Gent" Hardy I saw a Studabaker Golden Hawk in a recent doco about Cuba. I wanted to go there immediately.

Craig D Griffiths

Niksa, like you said “various forms”. I would say socialism works fine in many countries and still have a competitive free market. I would say Australia has a socialist heart. We pay big tax, but we expect the Government to supply things for it, like (good) free health care. I think everything works till it doesn’t. Then we evolve our systems.

Brett Hoover

That's actually a really interesting question and one that I haven't thought of. I suppose to a certain extent you are right as most movies portray the capitalistic system as corrupt, whereby the protagonist must either overcome it or destroy some form of it. Star Wars The Last Jedi comes to mind with the whole capitalism is evil scene that played no part in the movie. Thinking of that movie makes me wonder if these notions in the movies are intentionally demeaning capitalism or just using the typical protagonist overcoming the odds story arc that most stories use. In the end, it is a question worth pondering.

Hank Biro

Without a corrupt government communism would be ideal for most everyone on the planet. Anyone who disagrees is inflicted with a false sense of superiority and they have no compassion for the poor. We live in a highly judgemental society, except the worst of the worst get to live comfortably because most everyone will blindly follow criminal masterminds without question. Living pay check to pay check or with little to no income isn’t really living if you ask me. Everything should be free no matter how “luxurious” it is, it’s that simple. Those who think this would take away individuality is sorely mistaken. Products will eventually become much more various, with many more options to choose from. Why should anyone pay for anything and what makes something valuable if not for the government placing a price on it?

Jody Hadlock

A great book for you to read is The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich August von Hayek, published in the 1940s.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

There's a dystopian aspect to literally every type of government you can imagine, or lack thereof. There's no perfect system. That's why sci-fi like BRAZIL is so good. Reminds us that we need to balance things out from time to time and not let the scale tilt too far in any one direction.

A. S. Templeton

"Without a corrupt government, communism would be ideal..." is like saying, "Without an atmosphere, there would be no air pollution."

Brett Hoover

Jody Hadlock, couldn't agree more, The Road to Serfdom is an amazing read.

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