Screenwriting : Confused as hell by Leontist Fizer

Leontist Fizer

Confused as hell

I need help from my fellow writers. My aunt stopped by (social distancing) to say hello and she gave me a belated bday gift (fifty bucks) I tried to decline and she insisted I use it to further my writing career since writing make me happy.

So, if you had a two-man team - us against the world action, comedy and wanted to pitch it or felt its better to take advantage of the “read the first 10 pages” service and was confident that the executive wouldn’t be able to put your script down which service would you choose and what executive? Please Feel free to respond especially if you have experience with a certain exec. Oh, and don’t forget you only have $50 to work with.

Jason Mirch

Hey Leontist Fizer! I'm the Director of Script Services at Stage 32. Drop me an email to and let me know the project and I will help you find someone who would be great to give you feedback on your project. Look forward to hearing from you!

Peter Dowd

We're all confident that execs won't be able to put our stories down and will want to speak with us immediately, but the reality is, it's just not true. I've gone straight to an exec for a read and 30 minute conversation which provided some incredible insight into my project. The first 10 pages would be good since you'll know if your opening is even enough to get someone to keep reading, but I would save $50 more for an industry reader to provide some real feedback on your whole project, not just half of the first act. Once you have that feedback, make all necessary adjustments and then start shopping for execs.

Chaun Lee

Leontist, now's the time for comedies. If you believe in your work, use your $50 bucks to get some feedback from stage32. I've grown so much from feedback I've received here. IMO, putting my $$ towards feedback and pitching is money put to great use, especially since, like you, writing brings me joy. Any investment in yourself is a GREAT investment!!

Chaun Lee

Janet, pitch it to an executive. There are so many affiliated with s32. If you don't feel confident enough to pitch yet, invest in some of the very inexpensive webcasts and learn about how to do a successful pitch! Samm Haillay is a good webinar to view. If $$ are an issue, look up some pitching videos. Best of luck to you. I'd be happy to answer any questions, as are so many writers here.

Larry W. Thomas

I would take the money and go on Fiverr and select hannahcecelski to proofread & critique your screenplay. It will be money well spent.

Leontist Fizer

Larry thanks but this particular script (my action comedy) has been through the grinder and have been proofread and I’ve gotten feedback so it’s ready to go. However I have more scripts and I will be contacting your source soon.

Chaun you write so passionately I have no doubt your work is well written. Thank you for the advice:). Btw how’s life in the ATL?

Stephen Carter

I'd say if your script is ready to go, pitch it. Find the Exec mostly closely aligned with your genre and go for it. Hone your pitch to a solid 5-7 minutes. Try to tell them about it, as opposed to reading a synopsis. Don't get caught up in the minutia, but hit the beats. Give them a good hook right out of the gate and tell a good story. Be engaging and sincere. Do those things, and it's a really good possibility you get a request to read. If nothing else, you'll have spent the money on a solid lesson in the art of pitching. JMHO

Lindsay Aichinger

There's some good pitch sessions here in Stage 32. I have learned that it's all about the protagonist and why we should care about them. If your script and pitch helps explain that - you should be in good shape.

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