Screenwriting : Contracts by Chahla Garrett

Chahla Garrett


Hi, I'm just curious about what kind of contracts are offered , if someone is interested to buying your script.

Amanda Toney

Hi Chahla, there are various webinars all about what to expect if someone wants to buy your script. Here is the most recent:

Chahla Garrett

Thank you for your help.

Chahla Garrett

Hi Shannon, do you, by any chance, know of any sites that have written information on contracts?

Chahla Garrett

Thank you Dan. What is an option, or purchase agreement?

Danny Manus

Or there's Also the Exclusive Attachment Agreement

Chahla Garrett

Thanks very much. I appreciate your help.

Chahla Garrett

Thank you Dan.

Mark Sanderson

Option agreements, or purchase agreements, many different kinds of contracts, but if there is money involved, always do yourself a favor and seek the guidance of a good entertainment lawyer. It will be the best money spent - usually 5% of what you make from the deal:

William Martell

Contracts are all negotiated individually on every sale. Any sort of "standard contract" is just the starting point.

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