Screenwriting : Corrupted Celtx Files by Ben Johnson Jr.

Ben Johnson Jr.

Corrupted Celtx Files

Hi guys, some advice please. I started writing on Celtx because it was, well, free. Then I changed to Final Draft. One day I opened my laptop and went to some Celtx files but found they had all been converted to Adobe. I can't open them on Celtx or Adobe. I've tried altering the file extensions and even opening them with Word Pad but they only open as an encrypted file in code. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Celtx but to no avail. It's extremely frustrating because a large amount of my work is now inaccessible. Has anyone come across this problem before or can anyone offer a solution?

Kimite Cancino

in future, u should only use Wattpad to write ur work, its free, and ur work is saved in drafts. Ive recommended it to many writer friends who are very happy. sorry I cant help u with ur Celtx problem. Good luck

Eoin O'Sullivan

Hi Ben. I've been using Celtx for a few years now and never come across that. I'm assuming that the Adobe program was installed after Celtx and the file extensions are now attached to Celtx files. Are you sure that the extension has been changed and not the file association, as in an Adobe ison appears for the Celtx file name? You could try right clicking on the file and use the 'open with' option, if that is the case. Have you tried sending the Celtx files to a friend or trying to uninstall Adobe and Celtx and then reinstall Celtx? You could always try installing Celtx on another PC or laptop and try opening the files there.

James Gale

Have the file associations changed? If you create a new Celtx file does it reopen properly, or does that go to Adobe too?

Kerry Douglas Dye

Adobe what? PDF? You sure you didn't just find the PDF versions and forget where you'd left the Celtx files?

CJ Walley

It does sound like perhaps they aren't actually Celtx files. Or perhaps these Adobe files were accidentally saved under the same filename and extension. It's strange that they wont load in Adobe or Celtx though.

Ami Brown

I use Adobe Story cloud based, but everytime I finish writing I save a local version on my computer just in case the cloud version gets lost or corrupt. You might want to do that in the future. But it sounds like it's associated wrong, or you are just trying to open the wrong file.

Ben Johnson Jr.

Hooray! Thanks for trying to help guys but managed to sort it out. Did a windows update, uninstalled Celtx, cleaned registry and reinstalled latest version. Files can now open. Had 14 pieces of work locked up . So happy .

Heather Tearne

Thank goodness! Nothing worse than being unable to open the treasure box! ;-)

CJ Walley

Glad it's sorted, Ben! :)

Ben Johnson Jr.

lol thanks guys. Trust me CJ you're not half as glad as I am!

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