Screenwriting : Creative World Awards - Finals by Richard "RB" Botto

Richard "RB" Botto

Creative World Awards - Finals

Just found out that two of my scripts, IRRELEVANT and THE END GAME, have made the finals of the Creative World Awards. Any other 32'ers still in the mix?

Laura Koons

Congratulations!!! Can't just have one script advance can you RB? As always... you rock!!!

Philip Sedgwick

Woo hoo, RB!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Again with a double.... You da man!

Pamela Segger

Well done! Congratulations.

Janet Caulfield

Many congratulations Richard! So very happy for you! Hope both make the finals!

Richard "RB" Botto

You are all too kind. Thank you so very much. I see some ridiculously talented writers in this thread...I'm doubly appreciative.

Richard "RB" Botto

They're both in, Janet. Last leg to come. We'll see what the fates have to say. Thank you.

Heather Hale

Who hoo! RB! Go! ;-)

Janet Caulfield

Yes, they both made the finals aleady...a toast to the final leg!

Richard "RB" Botto

Thank you, Heather! You're da best. I'll drink to that (or hell, to all of you), Janet. Thanks!

Andrea Thompson

Congrats RB! 2 are in the finals? You must be one hell of a writer.

Henry Rivers

Congratulations and The Best is Yet to Come !

Richard "RB" Botto

Thank you, Andrea. With contests you need a nice touch of luck as well. For all of us, Henry...For all of us! Thanks, my friend.

Roy Gonzales


Tommi Trudeau-Street

Congratulations,my friend!

Adam Pachter

Bravo! Where can we read the scripts?

Christine Hinz

So fantastic, RB. Congrats and good luck!

Richard "RB" Botto

You guys are great...Thank you for the love. And great to see you here, Christine!

Christine Koehler

What fantastic news, RB!!! I'm rooting for you!!

Melanie McDonald

Congratulations, RB - that's awesome! Go get 'em!

Anette Martinsen

Excellent, well done

C. E. Abbott

Way To Go!

Deborah Roberts

yes he has a brill attuned with words

Keith A Jessop

Well done RB - best of luck. Keith

Tom Paini

Well done Richard!.. Break a leg...

Richard "RB" Botto

Wow...You guys are fantastic. Thank you for all the support! Incredible...

Lisa Leon

hard work pays off,,,great ;]

Deborah Roberts

How true are you hard work is so Tiring working your Brain out or hands like me lol

Janet Scott

Brilliant news Richard... All the best with BOTH!...

Anikka Forbes

Well Done Richard

Bill Joyce


Mark Golik

Congrats, Richard! I'm in the mix, too, with my script SNOW. Anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winners (today?). Good luck to you!

Geno Scala

I'm there with you- horror division. Good luck for the Grand Prize!

Mark Golik

To you as well, Geno!

Monique Mata

Wow, a two-fer! High fives to Richard and Geno!

Kim Nunley

Hell yes, RB. Congrats man.

David M Jack

Congrats, Richard! Not easy to do. My script "Second Life" wasn't ready in time. Best of luck getting them picked-up and produced. David

Jenny Deason Copeland

Awesome!! Congrats to you.

Pj McIlvaine

Good luck, Richard!!

Richard "RB" Botto

Big congrats to Mark and Geno! Great news, guys. Hope you both bring home the gold. And my love to all of you. Seriously. Your support is humbling.

Pat Savage

Congrats to you RB! Big congrats to Mark and Geno as well!

Elizaveta Siegal

Wow! That's just great! Congratulations! You must be a great writer!!

Janet Clarke

That's terrific - congratulations!!

Debbi Weitzell

I'll be hoping to see your name on the winners list. (I washed out after semi-finals.) Break a leg!

Marina Albert

Congrats Richard. Joining you in the finals is my horror short, BLOOD AND BONE.

Diane Liberman

Conratulations Richard! You are a great screenwriter! I hope your movies get made. Cordially, Diane Liberman

Lars Davidson

Congrats, Richard, all the best in the finals.

Deborah Roberts

OMG I do wish you well in your way to the Awards & final's so so pleased for you well done my friend

Johanna Marshall

Absolutely wonderful Richard...........Many congratulations now & to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Audrey Noone

Awesome AWESOME! Greatly anticipating more wonderful things for you. :)

Lee Jessup

That is sooooo fantastic! Could not have happened to a better guy, and a talented one to boot. Congratulations. So happy for you!

Jason Kent Nord

Congrats RB! I also have a finalist script, POLE RESULTS, in the comedy genre.

Janet Scott

Well done Jason.....

Philip Sedgwick

Congrats RB on 1st Runner Up in Action-Adventure! Well done.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Congratulations RB! First Runner Up -- Incredible!

Heather Hale

Fools! Shoulda WON! ;-) CONGRATS RB!!!!! ;-) WHOO HOO!!!! ;-)

Deborah Roberts

OMG well done RB runner up dose not make any difference you know you are a very GR8 Screenwriter in my books so happy for you

Jahmilla Jackson


Debbi Weitzell

Outstanding! Congratulations!

Deborah Roberts

I agree with you

Pj McIlvaine

RB you're a winner in my book. :)

Mona Deutsch Miller

Congratulations! Is that "Tony Scott" who was a winner THE Tony Scott?

Richard "RB" Botto

Thank you to all who posted and wrote me privately over the last couple of weeks. Your words, support, and positive energy have had a huge impact on me. Big thanks to all over at the CWA's as well. They run a remarkable contest over there. Professional as hell. Great feedback. Constant communication. And a crew that truly cares about the writer.

Benjie Anderson

That's way cool, Richard! Congratulations. It surely gives this O.G. impetus to finish some things I've begun. Like Jack said as "The Joker," "wait 'til they get a load of me." Kudos, sir!

Richard "RB" Botto

Thanks, Benjie! Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'

Arhynn Descy

Just seen this thread.... huge congrats! Will they be made into films anytime soon?

Richard "RB" Botto

Being pushed along as we speak, Arhynn. As you might imagine, the process is a slow moving one. But, at least there's some traction. Thanks for the kudos!

Arhynn Descy

Excellent! I hope you keep us updated on the progress....its all so exciting.

Veronica Taylor

Congratulations!! I wish mine was in the mix, somewhere. :-)

Mary Filmer

Congratulations Richard, I think you are on your way to bigger and better things. Mary Filmer Children's Author

Janet Scott

Oh!!!! For sure you are Sir! Now, why am I not surprised?

Moses Mugo

Congratulations Richard. I wish you all the best!

Jennifer Lynn

Congratulations. Looking forward to hearing how they do in the finals.

Mary Filmer

Congratulations Richard. Mary Filmer Children's Author

Genevieve Donaldson

Congrats Richard! Good luck for both scripts!

Nancy Garberson

Thats's terrific!

Brian Flanagan

Congrats, Richard! Keep us posted, OK?

Mario Perron

Awesome! Congratulations Richard! M.

Richard "RB" Botto

Once again, thank you for all the good wishes everyone. Both scripts, as they say in the biz, are being "pushed around". We'll see if someone pushes back.

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