Screenwriting : Criticizing! by Dina Abou Raya

Dina Abou Raya


Can various factors other than a Compact Scenario help a Feature/series get viral? I mean something like “The Peaky Blinders”. Personally, I find it way over-rated, no compact scenario, no persuasive plots, any event they want to happen just happens without any preliminaries. Are the good setups and some well-taken shots enough for making it what it is now? Well, the music also is good, fairly speaking.

Shawn Speake

Hey, Dina. That's five sentences and four questions.

1. Yes. VARIOUS FACTORS matter.

2. Any show, even PB, can blow because of VARIOUS FACTORS.

3. Your story language is unique. I understand, just never heard it said quite that way. Where did you learn your style?

4. Maybe, maybe not. Depends on those other VARIOUS FACTORS.

Hope this helps. Any questions?

Jurgen Wolff

Hi Dina, I haven't heard the term "Compact Scenario" either. Is it a core story that can be summarized easily? If not, what's the definition? Thanks,

Mike Heff

Do you think it was a deliberate move to try and make that "Bird Box" movie into a meme? Seemed like a new viral marketing technique to me. Maybe more movies will try to advertise this way too, what do you think?

Craig D Griffiths

I am not the person to answer this I think PB is amazing and Stephen Knight a god.

But an interesting character being used to tell stories a new way.

PB is about men that after the First World War came home to nothing. They had been trained to kill and just dropped on the streets of Birmingham to fend for themselves.

What you may be feeling is the difference between USA and UK story telling.

Dina Abou Raya

Maybe my opinion is more like audience insights rather than a professional one, but I always find it hard to appreciate a drama or a movie when the events just happen for the sake of happening.

I mean as a screenwriter I have to be persuasive -if not in a Sci-Fi_- not letting things happen just to serve my goal - The protagonist always wins-

I certainly know that Cinematography, unique setups and catchy lines are essential, but every time I felt like falling for a scene I got frustrated by nonsense in the story flow of action,stuffed sex scenes and flimsy characters responses.

As for my language, maybe I am just translating how we describe a Scenario back in Egypt, that's why it may not seem exactly by the book :D

Dina Abou Raya

Yes Mike, I think lots of features especially the horror genres are using Social Media to raise audience.

That also happened with The Conjuring 2, The Nun and some others.

I personally find it a good concept, except most of these movies usually turn out to be a disappointment.

Christian Pius

Modern film making equals commerce. Art is down played most of the time. Anything proven to have resonated with audiences is replicated to achieve the same effect.

Dina Abou Raya

Jurgen: By Compact I mean well-connected and convincing with no gaps.

Christian: Well, you are right to a far extent.

The point of the question was to know If they were really other elements that helped in the success of that show other than the script, or it is me who couldn't get to understand the magnificence of it :D

Christian Pius

Dina: The Peaky Blinders is well rooted in British history? I guess that's mainly its selling point, aside those constants like good acting, cinematography and visual appeal.

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