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Phil Clarke

David S. Goyer on LSF365

For those of you who didn't catch Michael Rosser's interview with David last night to kick off this year's new-look online London Screenwriters Festival, here are some of the key points he made:

~ Persistence pays off

~ Convince the powers-that-be to gamble on you

~ Not all about the script; be a confident advocate of yourself. And if needs be fake this confidence

~ Learn to take constructive criticism

~ Know the major story beats before you write that 1st draft

~ Read scripts in your genre

~ Treat writing like a job

~ Write what you're passionate about, don't focus on the market/what's hot.

~ Don't be afraid of being iconoclastic

If you've signed up and paid for this month's LSF365 then you can stream on-demand this interview now at:

And if anyone wants to talk about screenwriting with me, feel free to message me anytime. Or alternatively contact me via my website:

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Craig D Griffiths

Goyer is one of my favourites. Thanks in advance. Haven’t seen it yet.

Phil Clarke

He spoke well. Nothing groundbreaking but what it should do is confirm many things you already should know. Also: had no idea how much he looks like Stanley Tucci!

Dan MaxXx

Amazing career. From Van Damme kick boxing movies to $200M++ studio pics. Any guesses to his residual paychecks from Blade to Batman? $20M++?

Louisa Klein

The festival took place during a pandemic? What the hell is Boris doing, preparing to lose even more loved ones?

Debbie Croysdale

@All Just to bring to everyone's attention there are a few snags to signing into London Screenwriting ONLINE 365 Festival cos I tried Friday for the opening party and got onto my delegate page OK only to be told it was out of date due to covid. Then I went back to my email where I was informed about party and could not find the link. After several hours I realised the online site needs a new password and I'd been using my old one. Sorry to ramble but there might be some folks here who have the same problem. I AM NOW IN FESTIVAL…..See you around @Phil and others!

Craig D Griffiths

Dan MaxXx still have heard this. But at BAFTA he said JKVD told him “one day you will write a movie too good for me to be in”.

Phil Clarke

Hi Debbie Croysdale - yes, I think they've been working hard behind the scenes to simplify and revamp the site so it's easier to navigate and log in. Hope you've been enjoying the events! Feel free to say hi if you see me.

Phil Clarke

Louisa Klein No, it's completely online. Let's keep politics out of this thread please.

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