Screenwriting : Destroying the Moonighting Curse by Lady Aleena

Destroying the Moonighting Curse

Over the years I have watched many TV series wait until the very last moment to get their romantic leads together. Luckily that is changing, however there are still some which are making the audience wait for the end. I would like to see the trend ended. Did you know in real life couples sometimes have fights which would make outsiders think they are about to end the relationship, while in truth the fight may actually bring the couple closer than they were before it? It happens. On the subject of Moonlighting, the basis of this curse, I believe the reason the series failed after the romantic leads got together is the actors did not get along behind the scenes and the show runners did not commit to the relationship either. If your romantic lead actors are friendly with each other; and you, the actors, and the show runners commit to the relationship, your series will prosper. One little note of caution, I do not like when a romantic couple is forced down my throat from the pilot of the series. I was watching a series where I knew from the moment the romantic leads met as complete strangers the writers were going to force the issue. It was so blatant, I was disgusted and quit watching when the leads did get together. I prefer couples which grow on me or the underdog couple (the couple a lot of the series fans do not see coming but I did). So please, dismiss the Moonlighting Curse once and for all and let me watch couples making it work while fighting bad guys, aliens, etc. Thank you. Lady Aleena

Mark Souza

The reason most series keep the romantic leads apart is tension. After they finally do get together, it's hard to generate that tension again, to the detriment of the series. That is the challenge.

Mark Souza

One of the best I've seen in a television series is, oddly enough, NCIS. Tony and Kate, all that tension and banter - will they won't they? And just when it seems they might, Tony finds someone else. And just about the time that relationship comes to an end, BAM - Kate is dead. Enter Ziva.

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