Screenwriting : Dialogue and Description/Direction/Action by Shawn Speake

Shawn Speake

Dialogue and Description/Direction/Action

I love what we did with dialogue from everyone's movies! It was great reading your lines! Lets do it with description!

Shawn Speake

Colorado snow blankets a lone stone castle near the peak of Mt. Hasatan. If you get lost out here -- you're dead. -- Opening lines of APARICIO

Laddie Ervin

A WOMAN (mid-20's) in a floral sun dress crouches with her back to a tree. She's breathing hard. Her face is speckled with dirt and blood. In each hand she holds a .45.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

A MAN (mid-30s) observes her from a woodcutter's shed. As he wonders if he's seen this trespasser before, he lightly tests the blade of a small hatchet.

Michael L. Burris

Rodney quick, eyes bulged, cat-like, catches her jacket then humbly smooths it out as though he is petting it.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Wait, so Linda, is that a response to Laddie's work, or a real description?! It worked perfectly!!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Jean-Pierre --- I was inspired by Laddie's line. We're hot tonight, gang.

Emma J Steele

Moonlight filters weakly through the canopy of the dense forest. The site of the Teddy Bear’s picnic earlier. It’s still. Quiet. Forboding. A slight breeze picks up. The foliage RUSTLES. A glimpse of soft fur. A gossamer ribbon. Black, plastic eyes. It’s a TEDDY BEAR, tied to a tree trunk. Upside down.

Kerry Douglas Dye

@Kathryn, I also had a favorite chainsaw moment: Ilona's expression softens. She puts down the chainsaw. This is from a script that theoretically is shooting in the Spring. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure they cut out the chainsaw. :(

Kerry Douglas Dye

Brava, @Emma. Clicking the little blue +add button 'cause that's awesome.

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