Screenwriting : Did it take me four hours or three weeks? by Robert Rosenbaum

Robert Rosenbaum

Did it take me four hours or three weeks?

I just finished a new script for a short film. It took me about four hours to write it down, after three weeks of writing it in my head. Fits the under ten-minute drama category. It was written with the restriction that I have immediate access to all the locations and set pieces I need to shoot the film. I'm already in pre-production in my mind!

Pamela Bolinder

I love a sticker and a mover!

Dan MaxXx

Hey brother, whatever happened to your bunker in Brooklyn feature movie? Did you shoot?

Robert Rosenbaum

Dan MaxXx After editing the script for film and speaking with a bunch of other professionals I realized I did not have the funds to do this properly at this time. BASEMENT is too good a piece to try and rush (a feature) into a four day shoot. I am working on the developing it and hope to shoot next year. In the meantime, I wrote this SHORT film, which I can shoot in three days, with only three actors, and I wrote the story around assets I have access to!

Willem Lodewijk Elzenga

I've shot all my short no-budget films in one day, and it still was pretty hard to get it done. They all got finished and distributed excluding one. I had a day full of rain - and that didn;t work out unfortuneately.

Bill Costantini

"I'm already in pre-production in my mind!".......

....I guess that explains why us crafty schleps aren't getting lunch! Where's Dan MaxXx's lawyer when I need him?

Robert Rosenbaum

UPDATE: I am NOW in pre-production irl! I have two producing partners who will also play the leads and I will be directing. If all goes well we will be shooting in November.

James Drago


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