Screenwriting : Difficulty of networking and staying creative by James Welday

James Welday

Difficulty of networking and staying creative

Anyone find themselves overwhelmed with balancing a 9-to-5 with staying creative and networking? I’ve been feeling that a lot lately. It’s not exactly a struggle, per se, more of a responsible annoyance.

Harvey Read

I can certainly relate to this - best thing is to a take a day to entirely foucs on either doing these things, or try and use a day to make a weekly plan to balance your time and use it as efficiently as you can - Time is one of the most valuable assets we have, so use it wisely!

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Focusing on the wrong things, mate. Acknowledge the nine to five as part of life. Then creative (i.e., write for an hour a day, or pick a day or two so you can write), and finally once or twice a week focus on networking and building relationships. The human brain, mind likes structures and routines.

Evelyne Gauthier

I have been feeling this way for almost 20 years, now. ;) We have to find a way to make it work. :)

James Welday

All great points everyone! What I try to do is write for an hour or so before work to get the creative juices flowing, while read and analyze a peer script on my lunch, leaving the rest of the day for work and family. It’s a process, but like Evelyne mentioned, we have to find a way to make it work.

Craig D Griffiths

I lean towards being a hermit. Like being around people, but don’t crave it. So I don’t network.

Kiril Maksimoski

Been doing that for the past 20 yrs and will be going difficult, but you need to to lower some of your expectations, manage your time and sharpen your goals...

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