Screenwriting : Discovering what you do best. by Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Discovering what you do best.

I've tackled mostly every genre in scriptwriting, including sci-fi, drama, true crime, action, horror, western, comedy, biopic and historical stories. I just started writing a romcom/dramedy and banged out 74 pages in 4 days. Every time I write comedy, it seems to flow out of me. Therefore, I'm now convinced that comedy is probably my most comfortable place to be.

What's your most comfortable genre? Do only work in one genre?

Richard Buzzell

I once wrote 64 pages in 3 days doing a comedy. The sci-fi script I'm working on now is going at a pace of about 4 pages a day. So, yeah, comedy a lot easier for me.

Dan Guardino

I have written screenplays in just about ever genre it seems I have had a little more success with my crime genre screenplays.

Doug Nelson

Comedy & tragedy - the two story-telling face masks stare all the way back to Aristotle's day. Every genre has 'its thing' for sure although looking at today's 'popcorn fluff', you'd be hard pressed to identify it. Successful comedy has an almost imperceptible rhythm, timing and flow that few writers understand, Ignore this and your comedy will lay flatter-n-a-fart in a frying pan. I suspect that sense of timing is natural in a few; you don't get it from book learnin'. Every genre in which I try writing always seems to drift off into comedy - almost always dry. Slap-stick is not comedy.

Even when I direct, I find that incorporating some suttle sight gags helps hold the audiences' interest. I guess it's just my warped sense of like view. I'm in this life for a good time; not necessarily a long time.

Carol Jackson

I just wrote my first screenplay and listed it in a contest recently, I listed as a thriller

Anthony Moore

My niche is Sci-fi and Action. Tried several other genres, even ones I'm not too interested in as a learning experience, with very mixed results. So now I stick with my strong suites.

Fiona Faith Ross

I started with a sci-fi story. It still has promise, but I haven't nailed the antagonist, so he's a stumbling block. Also Alex Garland does it so much better. (lol). I instinctively gravitate to stories where real-life and fantasy mix. I also instinctively stay away from straight drama because I believe only the top screenwriters can really pull that off and I'm not there yet (lol again). Six scripts later, I can say with confidence that Family feature genre is my strongest. I can add drama too it as well, and I am content to work in that genre. There's lots of scope. I like to write supernatural thrillers or ghost stories too. I hate the gory stuff, so no straight horror. And that's me set. I'm delighted that I know what I like to write and see it going on for years. Great question.

Francisco Casals

I've never had limited myself to think what genre I do best. I simply write, depending on the subject or the message, that's how I then chose the genre that will better get my point across. I would only say that I'm not attracted to Spaceship scfi, westerns or straight horror genres.

Doug Nelson

Presently, I seem to be drawn to the Comedic-Paranormal genre but I'm trying real hard to write a Dramatic-Family-Thriller. My funny bone keeps popping up so we'll see how it works out.

Roberto Dragonne

I've worked mainly on Drama. Currently I'm writing a thriller and I have the impression that the day I write a horror film I will be on my most comfortable moment as a screenwriter.

John Iannucci

I don’t go see horror - so I could never imagine myself writing it. Write what you enjoy - everything else will be WORK! I coached football for forty years - never went to a day of work. I taight high school thirty years so I could coach - went to work every day. You get better results with the enjoyment aspect.

Jody Ellis

I just finished my first contained horror and it felt surprisingly natural. I'm not quite sure what that says about me as a person, lol, as it was pretty grisly in spots. I have tried my hand at a few different genres but I seem to do best with any kind of dark humor/dramedy. And most of my work female-driven

Shawn Speake

My man.... I'm into Action Thriller, Friday Night Popcorn Movies.

Peter Roach

The same dilemma eh? Like John, I don't ever watch horror movies. I have never seen a Freddy or Jason. Rivers of blood are just not my thing. But they are cheap to make and it seems you gotta write one to get noticed.

I did. Yep the price of my soul was very low. Hey don't laugh it is getting good reviews. Irony?

Mike W. Rogers

Sci-Fi, I have a need to create things and explain how they work.

Deion Higginbotham

I think mine is romantic comedies or depressed movies they always flow when I write them.

F.D. Mack

Being a woman I wrote a romantic drama. But I've tried my hand at mystery and horrors. I'm kind of shocked that I can write about bloody ax handle and body parts. I love action flicks, that seems to come easy to me. A lot easier then Romantic comedy.

Philip E. Odiete

I'm into epic adventures and action movies. And it's fun all the way.

Linda Perkins

Faith based family drama, suspense and thriller movies would be mine.

Zlatan Mustafica

Sci-Fi and drama features. I am (as I am told) really good at writing dialogue so...there you go.

Christina Patjens

Horror. Crime-detective.

Florica Cimpoies

History, sci-fi, drama. Trying some comedy also.

Raymond J. Negron

Thank you for the inviting question, Uncle Phil. I am currently finishing up an animation that I wrote. I feel comfortable writing comedy and animation. I do want to dabble in all genres as they are all a test into knowing yourself on all level. New levels, new devils. They all have a fine line. A great horror will have hilarious aspects of it. I wrote an excellent Horror that I will resurface again, as I wrote it when I lived in Amsterdam, as at the time I was going through Amsterdamage as I was there to enjoy the proclivities. If there is anyone here who is serious please contact me as I am looking to form a writers group over Skype to read our SH*&. If not, say "Hi" anyway. ALways looking to meet great people that write and I can call friend. Only genuine people :)

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