Do you drink while you write

Do you write while you drink liquor or smoke weed to get the muse to kick in and then read through your work when you're completely sober?

Lisa Clemens

Nope. I don't need anything to get my muse going except a deadline!

Brandon Hawkins

Sometimes red wine, other times nothing

Brandon Hawkins

The five best pages I wrote in my feature was while I was slightly on the drunk side. I read it the next day and only had to change a few sentences

Christina Patjens

I can only write sober. My fantasy is blocked if I consume any kind of stuff. Can't imagine things then.

Jody Ellis

Write drunk, edit sober!

Owen Mowatt

I often write rum while I'm drinking scenes...does that count?

Chris Courtney Martin

Nah, those things lull me a little too much. When I write, I need to be hyperfocused.

Philip Sedgwick

I often write first thing in the morning, so not there. But those evening into night sessions are another story.

Conor Gallagher

I don't even know if this is a real quote or just an awful meme BUT I've read that Ernest Hemingway said "Write Drunk, Edit Sober." Of course, I don't know if that's the healthiest way to live, ha. I've definitely come home on a Friday and thought, "Aw shoot. I've gotta write" and then me and gin have a fun, if crap-writing, time.

Ian White

LOL. Yes! Heavily!

Uncle Phil

Nope. Machete don't need no muse.

David Downes

No. Engineers are creative by nature. ;-)

Doug Nelson

I reward myself with a wee nip of a smoky single malt scotch at day's end if I've been productive.

Aray Brown


Charise "Lake Lady" Sowells

Music helps the flow for me sometimes

Dan Cassell

Coffee only if I am on a morning session. Gin occasionally doth come into play past noon. But just the one. Any more decimates the willpower.

Vitaly Kozlov

I drink when I read scripts. Vodka straight.

Victor Titimas

I do not drink...I remember reading in a screenwriting book about this technique, though. Don't know if they were joking or were really serious.

Wayne Jarman

I separate my vices. It interrupts the creative typing flow if I have to stop to grab a glass. ;)

Steve Cleary

Drink whiskey and smoke weed to come up with ideas. Drink coffee to execute them. I personally open a bottle of wine when I write sometimes, but have to stop into the third glass. :^}

Dan Guardino

Richard Gustason

No I haven't. But I just may do that now. Who knows, maybe good stuff will finally be on the pages for once. LOL

Dan Guardino

I don't drink or think when I write.

Raleigh Marcell


Mercedes Street

I have a short attention span and drinking basically cancels out my attention span entirely so every time I've done it I come back to an incompleted sentence that doesn't fit anywhere

Richard Gustason

I see what you did there Raleigh Marcell . Well played. :-)

Raymond Negron

No, all I want to do is "Get naked," "Cover Women with bodily kisses and sucking" and have " Various Positioning Sex" and not with my script, which makes drinking very bad. Just get your ass in that seat and start writing even if shit comes out of your fingertips onto the page. Remember Shit is still fertilizer for later use and has been known to grow vegetables. Hope that helps! Celebrate once you torture yourself with 6 hours of writing, then go "Ge Naked!!!!" Woohooo! Okay, love you and go write.

Myron DeBose

A writer's process is their process. The only measure that counts is the final product. If the quality sucks after several attempts, one must question the process or ability.

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