Do you write scripts for a short film and why?

Do you write scripts for a short film and why?

Antwon Taylor

I did just to break into the industry. It worked.

David E. Gates

There is a great deal of art in the short-film script. Condensing a story into anything from nine to twenty pages can be a challenge but it can also be something that might be easier to accomplish and get made. Ridley Scott and Tony, his late brother, started directing advertisements. It's, as Antwon said, another route in.

Elisabeth Meier

Not only to break in, it's also a perfect exercise to bring things to the point. Additionally, well written short films are great writing samples.

Owen Mowatt

I think I've said this before, but if I was running a script writing school, one of the first writing assignments would be short stories. In fact no student would move from that point until they'd gained a full understanding and proved they could do it.

Rutger Oosterhoff

Shorts are there to learn some shit. With making a short film it's easier to focus on the lead going after/solving a problem what/that is "Primal". Showing the audience a clear theme (on screen) without wasting time to make them even 'consciously' recognise it. Creating the right feel/emotion with the movies' theme trough action and characters.

It's also the game of creating magic with a minimal toolset. Not because you're crying having a minimal toolset, but because you 'want' to have a minimal toolset...

It's not about "how can I use a DIFFERENT toolset" making this movie. It's about BROADENING YOUR PERSPECTIVE and asking yourself "how can I look at a problem through different eyes". kILL your tunnel vision!!

It's about as big an audience recognizing themselves in the lead; in the major problem he/she has. Even when you want to make film noir!

And you do not want to focus on the movie being art; you only 'use' your art as one of the many 'complementing' elements of your movie to get the 'message/main theme' across.

It's about this guy staring at his computer screen and knowing there should be something else than this agonizing useless life, a 'broader world', a 'broader perspective', a broader vision, and taking his only chance of being the master of his vision, the master of his world... him being PRIMAL...

And yes, it's about going to fuck with my own rules, because I soooooo want to make 'original art', something completely new. .. me being famous... being celebrated! Oh for fuck sakes -- cut the crap!!!...

That's not what the movie game is all about (it's not even about what making art in general is about). It's only about TELLING YOUR STORY IN THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY.. often being the most COMMERCIAL WAY possible.

So why do you make movies? Simply because you can, being an undeniable urge. Why does the mountain climber climb mountains? Simply because they're there.

Dan MaxXx

It's the crawl before you walk and run. Not many folks have skills to begin making long format film narrative. Directors, Actors, cinematographers, Producers learn from doing short movies. Everybody is learning as they go and it's not surprising when you research successful working feature screenwriters, most of em come from television background.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Here's a great website that features shorts from around the world: :)


I started making some super short films of my costumes, because still pictures were just not cutting it for showing off the detail of the pieces. I loved it so much that I am making longer and longer films (sometimes only a few minutes). But now I realize how much I actually love making films.... and the obsession is growing!

Stevan Šerban

Thank you all for your comments!

I like to write scripts for short films because of the very small space in which you show whether you know or do not know how to tell the story.

Dougie Brimson

I never have and for the simple reason that I've never been motivated enough to actually write a short and get it made. I've had (and got) more than enough headaches with features to want to bring on any more!

Stevan Šerban

Hi Dougie!
Have you ever tried at least, or did you have the desire to try?

Travis Sharp

I have found that writing shorts is great practice. Saying more in less space is a good exercise. Also going back to a short you wrote in the past can be a good way to create a feature. I’m actually in the process of combining characters from two past shorts to make a feature.

Doug Nelson

Shorts are all I produce now. I do this as a means of giving some practical experience to to seeking entrance into the film industry. I like helping people so my hobby is paying it forward.

Travis Sharp

Papa Doug- if you’re bored, I have a few shorts on script revolution. Any feedback from you would be an honor. If not, no big deal.

Stevan Šerban

Hello Doug,

I would be glad if you read my screenplay "The Bear Trap" and send me a feedback.

Jeanna Overstreet

Shorts are mostly what I've written thus far. I am currently playing around with a couple of concepts that I'd like to write as a full length feature.

Antwon Taylor

Long story short; my short film, "A Wreckoning", was what garnered the attention of One particular director, who has hired many for many projects, while also working for a company that's pretty notable. Now I'm swamped with things to do because they've added me to the Resource Development team, as well as Producer. Lots more going on, but... You get the point.
P. S. And you wanna know the best part? Did all this WITHOUT an agent.

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