Screenwriting : Does age affect employment for screenwriters? by David Bryant

David Bryant

Does age affect employment for screenwriters?

hi fellow screenwriters. I have a topic that may or may not have been addressed among the group. How does a screenwriter's age affect their marketability? Since the film industry, like most things these days, is highly youth driven, does that apply to screenwriters as well? Are producers likely to steer clear of certain writers due to their age? Just curious as to everyone's thoughts on this topic.

Mark Walker

I'm hopeful that the most important thing for anyone will be the story and the age of the writer will be the least important if the idea flies off the page. Plenty of writers are of "mature" age, and I am hoping that won't be a problem for me! Check out this link.

David Bryant

Thanks for that link Mark, many of the writers on that list I was surprised by, including the writer of the King's Speech.

Dash Riprock

My gut feeling is that, yes, age definitely affects employment. Studios look at demographics and trends. If you're 50, let's say, their thinking is that you couldn't possibly relate to anything that a 12 - 25 year old male would like. Again, that's just my gut feeling. But, to get around that, just write THE ONE GREAT SCRIPT that studios will trip over themselves to make. Only then will they not give a crap how old you are.

Danny Manus

Does age matter? The honest answer is... Sometimes. Yes, if you're 70 its going to be much harder to land work or reps. However, there is one thing that will Always trump age, race, or gender - and that's writing a great fucking script. There is ageism but there are so many anonymous ways to break in & get noticed that it doesn't really matter. Will in-person pitchfests be the best way to go at 65-80 years old? probably not. But that doesn't mean you can't sell things or break in as an older mature adult. You just have to be smart about it. And you have to know the market. if you can't name a movie you liked since 1982, then there's gonna be a problem.

Tawny Stokes

I think ageism happens more in TV writing.

Royce Allen Dudley

Age affects everyone in show biz. A writer who's style keeps up with today can stay better hidden than the rest of us.

William Martell

What Ron said, plus... I think "writing old" can be a problem. If what you are writing only appeals to people in their 50s and 60s, that's an issue.

Gordon Olivea

We have to pitch the scripts, so maybe health and vitality are more important than age. In so many ways, age is part of what you are, like race or gender, and what really matter is who you are.

David Bryant

thanks for your insight guys.

Siegal Annette

I'm very old 73 but I want to write .I write scripts and ca n pay my script doctor because I was a doctor.even a professor and I have my salary for that for that help.But when you finish 2 beautifull

Siegal Annette

Scripts The problem is selling them .So I decided to produced my first short documentary .I sent so many unanswerefd query letters that I almost forgot to whom and where. BUT I continue to write because it's my life together with grandmotherhood.

York Davis

Like your comments Lisa re using life experience in writing scripts when you're older (like me!!! lol). Then there's scripts like "Guardians of the Universe" , robots and zombies scripts written by young people. Personally, I wouldn't exchange my life experiences for those extra years most young people have to catch up to me.

Art Thomas

Hello David, In my experience ...NO! I think what an older writer brings to the equasion is 'experience', which is something the youth must wait for. But the younger writers can provide perspective to the things that attract them in today's experience and that is valuable. I find myself collaborating with people older and younger to make the story autthentic. Our current project has a young actress at 16 and her mentor at age 77. I think a good story is ageless, if that makes sense :-)

David Bryant

thanks everyone for your comments

Art Thomas

You are welcome!

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