Screenwriting : Does this sound too unrealistic? by Zorrawa Emily Ann Jefferson

Does this sound too unrealistic?

So, I have a character who's deaf and I had someone tell me that realistically, kids with that kind of disability wouldn't be put in a school with normal kids. Is it too unbelievable to have a kid like that in a classroom or should comments like this be ignored?

Louis Tété

Maybe you should ask to parents who have a kid who's deaf or simply research online if it's the case. If it is, well just apply it to your screenplay. If you don't, you take the risk to lose your audience and execs, producers... hate when screenwriters don't do some research.

Baz Martin Gibbons

It depends on the kind of story you're telling. If you want to put a "deaf" kid in a "normal" school then do it. Besides, deafness, or hearing impairment is a spectrum. To be "deaf" doesn't mean one must live one's life in silence. :)

William Martell


Ally Shina

Deaf kids go to special schools. My mother worked for the government as a curriculum specialist. She also managed teacher training at the schools and I can assure you, deaf kids go to special ed schools or schools that have separate special ed classes.

Owen Mowatt

Emily, you've been deaf to everything anyone has been advising you on over the last 4 or 5 years. So I find it ironic that you need help with this.

Zorrawa Emily Ann Jefferson

It does happen in real life but rarely. I never really thought that it was completely unrealistic and would never happen through

Thom Reese

The wonderful thing about fiction is that the writer gets to set up the story. If deaf children don't normally go to traditional schools, then you - the writer - need to invent a special circumstance that would cause this child to go to that school. Maybe there isn't an appropriate school for 100 miles. Maybe the child's mother is the principle of the school and wants her child to go there. Be creative. You'll find a way to make it fit.

TJ Berry

If your story is set in the present-day US, kids with disabilities are usually in the classroom with everyone else. They may have accommodations like a paraeducator who accompanies them and their activities may be adapted, but they are generally not separated. Start by googling... better yet, ask a deaf person.

Doug Nelson

Watch the short film 'The Stutterer' for a little inspiration.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Depends on the school district maybe? I had two hearing impaired students in my class in 1st and 2nd grade. So we all had basic sign language lessons. They weren't completely deaf, though, they had these headphone setups with the mic attached to the teacher.

Ally Shina

Nick is right, it's a basic human right for hearing impaired kids to attend any school they wish because they aren't classified as disabled. But deaf kids are... so they are separated.

Craig Prickett

In both Australia and the UK they have normal schools with hearing impaired programs.The kids with hearing impairments go to class with the kids with normal hearing and the teachers are mic'd up wirelesly to their hearing aids.

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