Screenwriting : Doing a pitch deck. by Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

Doing a pitch deck.

I'm not an expert in writing pitch decks. However, I never shy away from doing what needs to be done to help a producer or in some cases, myself to shop my screenplays. Fortunately, I am adept at putting together presentations, and grasping the importance of eye catching graphics and writing succinct, effective content. Last week, a producer I've frequently worked with sent me a pitch deck example he liked and was hoping I craft a deck for a script I wrote that he's pitching this week. 

Though I liked the graphics of his example, I thought the content was way too long without providing readers a reason why the movie should be made.  So I used the ideas I liked and also other ideas from two other pitch deck templates I have on file. I also added a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to the presentation. The producer loved what I did and only had me change the order of the slides. And thankfully, his suggestions only strengthened the presentation. I intend to use pitch decks with more frequency. 

If you're unfamiliar with PD's and how to format them, I've attached a link for a scriptmag article on how to do one.


What is a Pitch Deck and Why Should You Create One?
What is a Pitch Deck and Why Should You Create One?
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Travis Calvert

I'd be curious to see that pitch deck and what you came up with for your USP.

CJ Walley

Just be warned that there is a LOT of money in this for design/presentation companies looking to sell key art and layout services way before a project needs it. These have become really superficial recently as people throw graphics and typography at something that really needs to be a sound commercial proposition. I recently learned of a producer who was about $10K into pitching services with an amateurish script and no high value attachments.

Dan Guardino

CJ. I have a couple of pitch decks for screenplays I wrote with Judy Norton and would love to put them on your site if you had a place to put them.

CJ Walley

Interesting proposition, Dan. I'll certainly consider it as a serious option. For now, you could always append the pitch deck pages to the script pdf. Thanks for that suggestion.

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy


Good post. I noticed all the companies trying to sell pitch decks this morning, when I did online search for some examples. Thanks for sharing. I definitely recommend taking extra time and learning how to do your own pitch decks.

Imo Wimana Chadband

Thanks for sharing this, Phillip! This is something I for one needed more knowledge on. Much appreciated as always man.

John Ellis

CJ Walley 10K?! That's more than we're spending on the entire pilot ep of our webseries! For 10K, one could do a kick-ass sizzle - forget about the PD!

CJ Walley

Yep, $10K in a hole and feeling they were on the cusp of some major meetings while knowing full well their script read like someone's first attempt at writing a screenplay. And guess what, no money left to pay a screenwriter to turnaround a new draft. Horrid position to be in. In all fairness, the pitch deck looked absolutely stunning and like something a studio would produce to promote a blockbuster plus they were getting meetings.

Any writer who gets into the producer side of filmmaking knows it's full of just as much, if not more, bullshit, snake oil, and bad advice from peers. I know of producers in the PGA who's entire fifteen year careers are just running around trying to get funding for that unicorn project that's going to cover all their time and losses.

But being involved in pitching and marketing is something every screenwriter needs to be prepared for and where an ability to write copy that sells will be beneficial.

Travis Calvert

15 years of nothing but meetings? I have films to make. Funding or not.

CJ Walley

No different to screenwriters who spend decades chasing that big sale while others start at the bottom and work their way up the ladder. I know at least one producer who openly laughs at how pitiful her friends low budget indie projects are while chasing big budget projects that never get greenlit.

John Ellis

Travis Calvert Hey, fellow Reno-ite! If you need an AD (script breakdown, through call sheets, and on-set management), let's talk!

Travis Calvert

Shoot for the stars, but be ready to get some mud on your boots.

Michael L. Burris

Continue to drive.

If you need all weather tires buy them whether you need them or not.

I think I reiterated or visually stimulated

Power to the point. "Power Point" last year. IDK.

Guess that's old news versus a fancy "pitch deck" though.

Hope the card dealer is cold and you remain hot.

Damn I'm a dumbass sometimes.

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