Screenwriting : Dream as a concept for story? I think James Cameron's Avatar is where dreams are real. by Tao Ryan Moua

Tao Ryan Moua

Dream as a concept for story? I think James Cameron's Avatar is where dreams are real.

So I had a dream so good; it felt so real I woke up crying on my pillow. I didn't want to get up. It was about or involved a young couple of lovebirds who defied societal norm and tradition. When the conflict culminated, the guy dies at the end from a war. It's definitely not a Hollywood happy ending, but I think I should write it into a story because it's a good-real happy ending. Luckily, I slept side-way and could remember all of it and most of the details vividly and clearly. I love the human subconscious - it is where dreams are real. Like a deep ocean full of memories, it conjures up amazing and imaginative creatures by itself. Too bad, most of the times we don't remember our dreams after we've woken up to the surface. Anyway, writers are weird, and I like creative weird people. Don't be afraid to be weird.

Serenity Edward

This happened to me. My webseries Forward was born strictly from a dream I had one night. I got up, immediately made audio notes about the dream, and crafted the story based on those notes. The series is now going into production in January :). I genuinely think some our most beloved stories and films come from dreams.

Brian Shell

In 1995, my girlfriend shared a past dream that made me get up immediately and jot down the spin I had on it that turned into my 1st script. It felt like my Destiny Seed had just arrived.

Tao Ryan Moua

Great you guys! That's the magic of a good dream that can be remembered immediately. Did you know, James Cameron wrote AVATAR based on a dream he had about giant glowing plants?

William Colby

Dreams are a shared human experience. We all have dreams. They are often a great escape, a safe harbor, from reality. They are the subconscious mind daring us to venture to distant places, try new things, confront our fears, or live out repressed fantasies. The dream, the subconscious mind, is the current subject matter for one of my new scripts. The dream is a universally held experience and can guide us in amazing ways.

Tao Ryan Moua

Carl Gustav Jung wouldn't have disagreed. That's why he called it the "collective subconscious."

CJ Walley

Regarding James Cameron and dreams as inspiration. His idea for Terminator came about through a dream he had while suffering food poisoning, I believe.

Owen Mowatt

What was he eating....bullets??

Tao Ryan Moua

Thanks for sharing.

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