Screenwriting : Edit process by Rick Oldham

Rick Oldham

Edit process

As I Edit/fine tune my second screenplay, I find my process is more of a re-read, add- subtract dialog, fine tune action lines. I never really re-write. Just fine tune. Whats your edit process?

Michaela Kale

Practically the same, as I have and still am writing on TV I have seen many other writers with the same process, along the way we self teach ourselves of " Fine Tuning" I suppose. Quite magnificent really, not a skill that comes easily to those who are not writers.

Michaela Kale

@KayLuke I guess, in screenwriting if you see yourself changing a word here or there, it is an indication that your mind is telling you it is not how you want it. But agree, I usually read, my own stuff in PDF for a better clearer view or even print it out and read in on paper.

Hakeem Mclaughlin

The process of fine tuning honestly is rough having to backtrack but the results of remembering how you wanted to TRULLY get a line or scene across is a reward.

Rick Oldham

excellent stuff

Dan Guardino

After I write a screenplay I will do one or two rewrites and never read it again unless I have a real reason to do so. However when I started out I would do probably 8 or 10 rewrites until I thought it was right.

Phil Clarke

Have to say, I find many newbie writers don't rewrite enough. They believe in the perfection of their project and think the odd tweak is sufficient.

Boomer Murrhee

Once I'm finished taking my project as far as I can at the moment (8-10 rewrites), I'll get a trusted friend to read some pages. Based on that, I may get professional coverage and go from there. I'm currently working with an exec on a film feature and a TV pilot. Each set of notes elevates it more and more. I can never trust myself to think something can't be improved. It's not finished until its in the can. I've done a page 1 rewrite when I got coverage which stated it might be a better fit as a different genre. That's fun. I'm still working on it.

Craig D Griffiths

I do a read per character or per theme etc.

I ask myself “is Chris consistent?”

Things like that. “Why did that person do that”

I then rewrite based on these answers. After about 15 of these questions and work combos. I’ll do an edit. Then off to my wife for a proofread. My dyslexia stops me from seeing obvious errors. I also get my computer to read the script to me. Cuts down in my wife’s hair work.

Rick Oldham

I do pdf readbacks

Imo Wimana Chadband

When i'm finished with my first draft, I place it down for a few days. When I pick it back up I can read from a fresher perspective. I read through and fine-tune as I go along. This can be anything from correcting spellings to re-writing parts of the script. Sometimes if the things I want to change require focused time, I'd leave a note of the change to be made and go back to it after I've finished running through the entire script

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