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Christian Thomas

Executive feedback

I recently had a Skype session with a guy from Lionsgate. Not only was he an incredibly nice guy, he gave me VERY insightful feedback on my script. (He pulled no punches, but did it in a way that was somehow encouraging.) I made a bunch of changes because of his feedback, and I think I have a much better script now. I also have a better understanding of the industry. There have been times when I've felt frustrated because I didn't understand what was working in my script and what wasn't. And I think getting feedback from a working professional in the industry -- who sees a tremendous amount of scripts, and is aware of trends and other things that those of us on the outside are not privy to -- is vital. But it wasn't just a learning experience; it was fun. And ultimately, that's what we're all here for, isn't it?

Boomer Murrhee

Thanks for posting Christian. I have recently sent my current project out for coverage by a producer. I can only hope for an experience such as yours. I'm hopeful it will be a learning experience, but having it be fun, that would exceed my wildest expectation. Good luck to you. Great attitude.

Lynn Wilkinson

Christian, thank you so much for your comments. I am about to send a script out for coverage and I am scared to death. I had a "friend" read the script and they brought it back and said NOTHING, I mean NOTHING. I couldn't even ask if they liked it. I appreciate your having good comments from a "professional" I hope that will be my experience.

Richard "RB" Botto

Hey Christian. Good on you for seeking professional feedback, but also (and this is the hardest part) parsing that feedback, putting your ego aside and making changes you believe will strengthen the material!

Jeffrey Walesa

Thanks Christian!! I'm close to sending off my script too. Stage 32 is amazing and the executives they partner with are very professional and helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Richard Willett

If you're Skyping with Lionsgate, that's pretty great news. Was this a reader or an executive? I have found, in my admittedly limited experience, that the higher up I go on the chain, the more intelligent and respectful (and helpful) the responses become. Some of the gatekeepers at the bottom, however, do not in my opinion always know what they're talking about (and can be pretty unpleasant to deal with as well).

Aleyona Starr

That is beyond awesome!!

Jorge J Prieto

Listening to what the Exec. is telling us is key and not (as RB said) let our pride get in the way. Thanks for sharing Christian.

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