Screenwriting : Extra, Extra! Read all about it. Spec screenplay sales up! by Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Extra, Extra! Read all about it. Spec screenplay sales up!

Hey, I love being the bearer of good tidings. The total spec scripts sold in Hollywood during 2016 was 75. This was up considerably from the previous year's total of 55. I've attached an article below for you to review if you're so inclined. I've also attached an older article with stats on total number of spec scripts circulating in Hollywood. By my quick calculations, 1.5 scripts are sold for every 5000 spec scripts entering the Hollywood spec pond.  

I don't about you, but I'm pumped!

2016 Spec Script Deals Analysis: Genres
2016 Spec Script Deals Analysis: Genres
By my count, Hollywood studios, production companies, and financiers acquired 75 spec scripts in 2016. During this week, I'll be breaking down those numbers. Today we look at deals by genre. Some scri…
Bill Costantini

And don't forget....that's just the number that Scott Myers can actually track. I'd bet the number is closer to 400 than it is to 75 - most low-budget/mid-budget, of course. That's great news for screenwriters trying to sell their beloved pound of paper. Good luck and Happy Writing, everybody!

Chad Stroman

Good news to hear!

Emile M. Hobo

Good news, but the numbers still scare me to death. I understand there's a lot of bad writing out there, some of it generated by me, not all my screenplays are really all that great. But those are still screenplays you're competing with to get a request after a query.

Dan MaxXx


Yes, you should be pumped. It's the best time to be an aspiring Writer. The playing level has shifted. More employers. Apple Computers is ramping their Film & TV division, hiring ex Hollywood Studio Executives. More content needed.. more Writers, filmmakers, Actors... more jobs.

Jody Ellis

Good to see this! Maybe one of us on here will sell a spec in 2017!!!

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Bill C: I like your figure of 400 screenplays way better.

Jody Ellis

Philip me too. 400 sounds pretty damned exciting

David Levy

With more streaming options and content providers popping up, the fight for fresh content should steadily incline. Can only work in the favor for one of us soon!

Stephen Barber

I have a great feeling about 2017. I believe it's going to be stellar!

Sadie Francis Skyheart

Thank you for sharing! We can all use a bit of good news these days...

Izzibella Beau

Thank you for sharing, hope many more are sold in 2017

Dan Guardino

I am sure you are right because most specs aren't going to get reported. However the fact that the number of reported ones has gone up I a good sign.

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

I don't know about anyone else but I've noticed things have been picking up a wee bit.

Dan MaxXx


Dunno if spec scripts have jumped this month but the TV world, they are busy shooting pilots, known as "pilot season". Probably 60-70 pilots are in production now, maybe 10-15 pilots will be greenlit for a network TV series run. So there is plenty work for TV Writers on new shows, some of 'em hire rookie Writers for Staff. Cable/Internet TV is wild wild west. Netflix is throwing $$$ to filmmakers for original content.

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Maxy: As you well know, I have a ton of content including two television pilots with show bibles. I have my gangster/family drama Holland House and my film noir detective show Murder-Go-Round. But I'd be happy to be a junior writer/coffee gopher on any cable or network show. I'm like a Boy Scout... always be prepared.

Victor Titimas

First of all, thank you for sharing this article! These are good news indeed. However, I've read that action spec sales have decreased and, unfortunately for me, I wrote a few scripts in this genre:( Anyway, best of luck to all of you with your screenplays!

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy



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