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Do any production companies look for free screenwriters? I am thinking perhaps by doing a couple of free projects I could a) build up some professional experience and b) perhaps get a credit for myself. Is this something that happens? And if so where would I look for such an opportunity? Apologies in advance if this isn’t the done thing. Thank you

Matthew Parvin

I'm finding smaller, independent filmmakers post for unpaid jobs. I feel like its akin to an influencer who doesn't want to pay for things but offer "exposure". TBH, I've done free jobs before, especially starting out. Hope this helps!

Dan MaxXx

All the time, legit pro companies and legit producers look for free writers. $1 options. Deferred pay. However the wording by them- it is the same. No money. Why pay when there are so many writers willing to write for free?

Attend film festivals. Plenty of industry ppl want free labor. But I think you need to prove you can write. Post your contest wins.

Dan Guardino

There are some production companies look for free screenwriters. I don’t know where to find them because I try to avoid them.

Maurice Vaughan

You can try the Stage 32 Job Section, Del George.

Del George

Thank you everyone

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Del George.

Martin Reese

Do you have any friends who want to shoot a film? That's always a good way to do things. I am working with a friend of mine in LA and he's shooting one of my shorth scripts.

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