Screenwriting : Fave source of inspiration by Nikki April Lee

Nikki April Lee

Fave source of inspiration

When searching for a new idea for a screenplay, what's your fave source of inspirations? Books, postcards, commercials, social networking sites, etc.

Jaclyn Abergas

Newspapers, museums, overheard conversations

Nikki Syreeta

I look at everything. Newspapers, books, TV,....anything....

Ron Lester

Far and away, my favorite source comes from dreams. I keep a journal next to my bed and immediately jot down everything I remember. It's amazing how many twists and turns come from material that may or may not be related, yet can be interwoven.

Mark Ratering

So funny also my dreams. Something happening in my life that I blow up into a wild ride.

殷 宏新

May have a distinctive visual appeal and moving the plot.

殷 宏新

Whether it is a small cost or make the same case.

殷 宏新

Whether it is a small cost or investment, so the same.

Amber Dee (Rewis)

I agree with Mark. To find inspiration, I just go to sleep. Wild stuff zoomin' around there. It's like catching the wind but I get up & record as much as I can...kinda tiring.:)

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