Screenwriting : Favorite place to write? by Bill Lonero

Bill Lonero

Favorite place to write?

Where is your favorite place to write? For me, when I’m writing music I need distractions. So I write at home with the tv on usually watching Three’s Company. When I’m writing a screenplay I like some silence but not too much. I’m usually sitting on the couch. Tried the whole secluded cabin/hotel room and that failed miserably. So where’s your favorite place to create?

Evelyn von Warnitz

Love to do my rewriting in summer on the riverside here close to my town. Very inspiring. While writing at home my cats use to stay around me. Well sometimes on the laptop. Unwilling breaks are included.

David Downes

Erik Jacobsen Oh, the humanity!

Dan MaxXx

5-star hotel lobbies. Free wifi, air conditioning, and sometimes, the staff serves free finger-snacks

Beth Fox Heisinger

I work in my office/studio at home. It's simple and I love it! ;)

Chad Stroman

My home office.

Pamela Bolinder

A room with a view. A while ago, RB posted pic working on the beach—I was so envious! I think, he posted on Twitter.

David B. McEwan

I work best with some background noise; no distinct voices to focus on. No TV or radio.

Eric Christopherson

On my back on a sofa.

Jenna H

at my desk in my home office.....

Adrian-Asia Petty

Haha, I put "Threes Company" on all the time when I am doing things. I do most of my writing at work between working cases. All about multi tasking here.

John Iannucci

I like to vary it. One day in my office . Next day at library. One day at Barnes and noble - with lunch. It takes the stillness away - at least for me. All rewrites at home though.

Dan Guardino

On my computer.

Owen Mowatt

After a couple of large rum shots, I'm on my back. It can go two ways from there. Writing sometimes wins out.

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