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Feature Dramas

Hi Everone. There's a lot of posts in the lounge about horror, thriller, short films, animation, which is great and I love reading all about that, but I'm writing a feature drama and I would like to connect with others who are doing the same. Who else out there is writing a feature drama? What is it about? Where are you in the writing process? How long has it taken you? Etc. Mine is called THE POSTCARD and it's based on the true story of my Great Grandparents, it takes place between 1905 and 1912 and it's taken two years to write, it's basically all there now, I just keep tweaking it all the time. I've had great industry feedback from script services here, which has helped me elevate my script to a high standard.... I hope :) How about you?

Hunter Murphy

I’ve recently started writing a drama called THE FOUNTAIN about a kid who gets out of rehab and expelled from senior year of high school and his just... journey. Basically exploring happiness with the message being it can always get worse and can always get better.

Charles K. Frazier

All of my screenplays are drama, mostly Coming to Age with strong female leads. I'm so afraid that I'll be taking them to my grave.

Stefano Pavone

"Vox Populi", with a genesis of 2018. It is based on the UK's departure from the EU and predicts a grim future for the increasingly disunited kingdom, focusing on a group of activists who want to save what's left of the country. The drama stems from their different MO and personalities, as well as ulterior motives. It is a deconstruction and subversion of heroism, blurring the dividing line between courage and foolishness. In the end, the bravest character is the one who has the strength to walk away from the carnage.

Jack Teague

Hope this doesn't show up twice. I wrote it first a little while ago but it apparently did not save. I'm a primarily a drama genre writer. My first feature screenplay many years ago was an unauthorized adaptation of Hemingway's A Moveable Feast. It took me two years to research and write. But that was before the advent of PCs and the Internet. More recently, my next feature screenplay was an adaptation of short fiction I wrote, a crime drama with economic, political, and environmental overtones. The setting is nearly timeless but as it turns out the story is extremely timely today. It took me about six months to write. Most recently, I completed a for hire dramatic feature rewrite about a social justice set in the 50s-60s. Now I'm back to a dramatic adaptation of a novel I wrote and a period piece story with international settings. Good luck with THE POSTCARD. I love the early 1900s period, that was one thing that drew me to Moveable.

Phillip "Reflective" Hardy

I've never defined myself as as a genre writer. I write what I feel like writing and I've also written some work for hire stories for producers looking for something very specific. For example I wrote a screenplay about a young man named Michael Rockefeller, who disappeared in 1961. I just signed a right to shop agreement for this one. It's already been in front of a big 6 Studio in a big 3 agency.

Erin Mazzei

Hi Rosalind Winton! I wrote a feature drama called WAYWARD HEART. I wrote it in 5 weeks and the second draft in another week (though there were quite a lot of weeks in between the two drafts, lol). Logline: When her doting husband becomes suddenly absent, a conflicted millennial is forced to throw herself into her career and confront who she really is and where she belongs; with or without him. <3

Doug Nelson

My advice only: As an artistic writer; refrain from pigeon holing yourself into any single genre. Try 'em all until you find your comfort zone and even then you will drift into and out of 'phases' - don't fight it, go with the flow. I started in 'Action', drifted to 'Rom-com', wandered into 'Drama', then 'Comedy' and now I'm in 'Light Comedic Paranormal'. It's an evolutionary thing.

Rosalind Winton

Thank you all for your replies, will reply to each one properly tomorrow :)

Lauren Bartling

I have just finished the first draft of my feature drama! It is a coming of age film focused on a girl trying to find her true identity as she spirals into a drug addiction

Craig D Griffiths

I would say I am a drama writer that uses genre as a complication. I tend to write crime.

Dan Guardino

I've written a lot of crime/drama screenplays. However I've also written thrillers, sci-fi, action/adventure, time travel, young adult fantasy and even one horror screenplay and a comedy. The next one I am going to write will be a crime/comedy.

Rosalind Winton

Hi Doug, this is probably going to be my one and only screenplay, it's a story I've wanted to tell from when I was 11 years old and Stage 32 has been the perfect platform for me to get it written, so I'm not Pidgeon holing myself, I just want to make contact with other feature writers.

Everyone else, wow, it sounds like you're all doing amazing, it's great to hear, you're all working on such great projects.

Erin.. five weeks?? That is something else, brilliant.

Dan, wow, you've done a lot, that's great.

Craig, that's cool.

Lauren, that' sounds like a great story, would love to know how it develops.

Philip, congratulations on your success, that's brilliant, best of luck with all your projects.

Jack, wow, that all sounds amazing, and thank you for your note.

Stefano, great topic to be writing about now, very relevant, I wish you the best with it.

Charles, don't say that, you need to get them out there somehow.

Hunter, your script sounds great as well, keep going with it.

Everybody's projects sound amazing, a lot of writing over a lot of time between us all, let me know how you all get on with them :)

Dan Guardino

Rosalind. The last three scripts I wrote are moving on but slowly. Two crime dramas that I wrote with Judy Norton have a distribution and she will star in both of them. The third one I wrote with the producer/director and it is in the early stage of development. We hope to have the pitch deck and a trailer fairly soon. I am going to start adapting the Sweet Cream Ladies Limited novel by Flo Fitzpatrick next week. Anyway that's what I have going on right now.

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