Screenwriting : Feedback by Deborah Richards

Deborah Richards


Hey guys I’m looking for someone to give me some feedback on my horror feature screenplay (63 pages) any volunteers?

Eric Christopherson

Isn't 63 pages a little too short to be a feature?

Dan Guardino

Deborah. I will read it if you give me a few days to do so because I am try to finish up a screenplay for someone else.

Brian O'Connor

I'm game. Send it to Thanks!

A.C. Patterson

Hi Deborah, I'd be happy to take a look too if you like. My first script is in the horror genre as well.

Deborah Richards

Eric Christopherson - Is 63 too short for a feature? I think it really depends on the screenplay and the directors take on it. As a working writer, director, editor, and most importantly a visual storyteller I prefer to SHOW an audience a story than TELL an audience the story. It's for this reason that this project has a lower page count than most.

Pierre Langenegger

Why don't you post it to your logline page?

Deborah Richards

Pierre Langenegger, oooo good idea. I rarely visit this site and forgot about the logline page. The log line is: Under the bright lights of Las Vegas, a drug-addicted vampire seeks to escape her possessive maker while developing a friendship with an alcoholic homeless man living in the dark underworld of the city. Revenge and redemption merge to reveal the hidden truth behind this strange relationship that threatens the lives of everyone caught up in a murderous game of cat and mouse.

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