Screenwriting : Feedback on Character Descriptions by Michael Aliotti

Michael Aliotti

Feedback on Character Descriptions

Is it ideal to attach an Actor’s name to a character’s description in a screenplay?

Dan Guardino


Stephen Foster

I wouldn't but you can use description to allude to an actor.

Michael Aliotti

What if it were used for instance, WENDY, 22, of Mexican descent, think Vanessa Hudgens.

Or... Meet VINCENZO, who resembles Robert De Niro


Dan MaxXx

^^^^^^^ this is the way to do it cleverly. Also if your Reps don’t complain, it’s fine

William Martell

No. You aren't doing casting. You want to focus the character of the character, so that the reader knows and understands who this person is in a sentence or two.

Michael Aliotti

John, Nick, and Stephen you guys rock! I really appreciate the responses. This will surely help me, and exactly the answer I needed. Thanks again!

Michael Aliotti

Thanks Dan

Craig D Griffiths

I real person comes with baggage. My daughter loves some actors that I hate. Why risk mentioning someone that could turn someone off.

Nancy Naigle

I wouldn't give the reader any reason to turn down the screenplay based on the actor.

Kiril Maksimoski

When I come up to negotiating that, I'll tell ya... :) On the other hand I never wrote character so far having particular actor in mind.

Doug Nelson

The basic answer is; No. The longer version is: Hell no!

Michael Aliotti

Thanks everyone this is phenomenal!

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