Screenwriting : Feedback on first six pages of my screenplay. by Laurie Gabriel

Laurie Gabriel

Feedback on first six pages of my screenplay.

Hello everybody. I'm a professional screenwriter from Oregon. I am looking for a few people to give feedback on the first 6 pages of my newest screenplay. If you are interested I will gladly return the favor. Thank you!!

Anna Mantovani

Hey! I’d like to read your script. I’m no expert but I wrote novels and love storytelling.

Joshua Keller Katz

Sure, I'll take a look.

Laurie Gabriel

Anna, tried sending you a message, but it hasn't gone through. Would you send me your email address to my Stage32 inbox? Thank you!!!!

And thank you, all you wonderful filmmakers, for helping me out!!! It is greatly appreciated.

Doug Nelson

Laure, I don't recall you from NE (I was a writer) - but that was years ago. You're a local girl... I'd be glad to look at a few pages.

Laurie Gabriel

Doug, can you send me your email in a private message? Thank you!!

Anna Mantovani

Laurie Gabriel I have just DMd you my email address, let me know if you haven't received it! Thanks!

BS Charan

I have sent you connection request. I can send message only after approval. Thanks.

Del George

I'm happy to help and read it.

Laurie Gabriel

Del, could you send me your email address through a private message? I tried to send you a message and it wasn't delivered.

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