Screenwriting : Feel free to share your misery as a screenwriter here by Kitty Chan

Kitty Chan

Feel free to share your misery as a screenwriter here

I guess we all need a place to express our frustration. Let this post be the place then.

Shawn Speake

No pity parties on S32, please. Pick your head up! Make things happen here with positive energy. You're alive, and obviously have a web connection. It could be much worse.

Dave McCrea


Trey Wickwire

Time! That elusive creature that is so hard to find. If I but had more of it, I could write the world.

Richard "RB" Botto

Well said, Shawn.

Christopher Chance

"Woe is me." Who the hell said that?

Dave McCrea

Ok so Shawn's right about being positive, but Kitty if there is something you are struggling with, if you post it, I'm sure people will give you a supportive answer. Everyone on here has had rejection or felt uncreative or had bad days. Except me of course. ha jk

D Marcus

What happened, Kitty? Share with us and maybe we can offer some support.

D Marcus

So many options to promote your work here, Mr. Carter. What a callous place to do it.

Mary Winborn

get the poster to dance backwards in heels.

Kitty Chan

My problem is that i can't sit in front of the computer for too long, my eyes hurt. Ha, isn't that a good excuse for not being productive?

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Please! Enough with this wacky "Dance Off" trailer on everybody else's post. Just STOP being so rude!

Dawn Gonchar

Kitty - As Lisa said, write on paper. Maybe using software like Dragon would help? You can just talk out loud and it will develop the document for you; or just read your notes out loud. (This is far from a perfect solution, it takes a while for Dragon to understand your style).

Kitty Chan

Dawn, i just checked out dragon and it looks nice! Thank you for your suggestion!

Kitty Chan

Larry, that is really well-said. Wish you a successful writing year as 2015 is coming!

Kitty Chan

Lyse, thank you for the links! Haha you mentioned Kaufman, reminded me of Adaptation!

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