Screenwriting : Females writing male characters? by Zorrawa Jefferson

Zorrawa Jefferson

Females writing male characters?

What do you think of females writing male characters?

Beth Fox Heisinger

A writer is a writer; a character is a character. You write a male character as you would a female: as three-dimensional human beings. If you write any character with depth, then you should be able to write any gender of character with that same depth. :)

Becky Fink

For some reason, most of my protagonists have be males. I actually received a note from a reader a few years ago who commented on how impressed he was that I was a female and could still write a realistic and relatable male character. While I should have been offended by his slightly misogynistic comment, I took it as a compliment (Come on. Positive feedback IS positive feedback after all). I agree with Beth that if your character is believable and his/her journey makes sense, no one's going to care who wrote it.

Jack Middleton

It shouldn't matter. I am attempting to write a female protagonist at the moment. Not too easy, but it's fun... and a little intimidating.

Izzibella Beau

I agree, a writer should be able to write both genders. The character's voice that we all hear inside of our heads will lead you in the right direction for whatever you may be writing.

Aray Brown

I have 2 brothers, so I'm confident. Joking aside, it shouldn't matter. Reiterating what Izzibella said, a writer should be able to write whatever comes. We have voices in our heads for a reason. If you let your character's speak to you instead of shoving your voice down their throats, you won't go wrong.

Colin "Buck" Randall

Your a writer. Male or female characters? It shouldn't make a difference if you share the same depth as one to the other. The screenplay I just finished has a strong female character and... a strong male character. It was an awesome journey writing there co-existence. Good luck, and write brother.

Jerry Gill

I'm an author (male) with series with female protagonist. Never have a problem. I know her. She's a friend that's in my head, not based on anyone real, but I know her so when something needs done or she begins to speak I know what she would do or say without conscious thought. So far no complaints of not realistic (book 6 in progress)

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

do it all the time (ya ya)

Cherie Grant

Well according to you, Emily, I already write like a male. :)

William Martell

I write female characters... of course, I wear a dress and some make up and some adorable shoes when I do that, you know, just to get into character.

Cherie Grant

You're in a real funny mood today William.

Conrad Ekeke

You mean like lead characters? I think all you need is be global and maybe know some of those things males would do, how they'd respond in a given circumstance etc. Though, keeping in mind that human behavior is flexible and can vary from one person to the other.

Tim Johnson

I agree with Jim, anyone can write anything. I mean, what's the alternative as a writer - you DON'T write opposite-gender characters, or get a friend to? :) My wife and I have a game where we try to figure out if a film was written by a man or a woman. We're often wrong (which is good!), thinking the great female leads must've been written by a woman, or vice versa. But I think if people CAN tell you're a woman by how you write the men, or a man by how you write the women, then you still have work to do. I don't mean the story's point-of-view has to be gender-neutral, just that the actions and dialogue should be authentic in the lives of the male and female characters to the point you can't tell the gender of the person who created them.

Edward A. Stodolski

It shouldn't matter if you write for a female character or a Male. As long as the movie script becomes entertaining and enjoyable plus As Long as the audience is happy with the movie you wrote for this character and it ends up producing double, triple the movie budget or more, plus also offer awards to the actors/actresses involved, which will encourage you to do future work as a screenwriter which gives you the inspiration to write more outstanding movie scripts then this is all that should matter no matter whom you have written this script for. I say give the audience what they want their the ones that reward us all for our entertainment efforts and actually are the one that pays us all for our imagination and inspiration and acting ability so I say let's keep doing what we do best write for TV or Movies that they enjoy watching. Isn't this what we are all doing this for? Best of all when the box office is filled with the viewing audience enjoying what we were all a part of I say that is the main reward within itself. As Long as the viewing audience is happy and keeps filling the box office cause they enjoy what they're watching then who really cares whom the script was written for. Don't you agree?

Lorna Hartman

Male authors have written female characters as long as people have been writing; women writing men is surely equally believable. As authors/screenwriters we need to be able to create, know, and relate to any character--it's the reason movies can work whether the main character is male or female. People can relate to both.

Steven Michael

Just do the opposite of what Jack Nicholson's character says in "As Good As It Gets". Kidding.

D Marcus

It's fun to see a 2 year old post revived.

Jerry Gill

My 2 cents on male writing female & vice-versa - I'm on #7 book of Vic Challenger series - I'm male, Vic is female. We get along just fine.

Wal Friman

Good point Jerry. Getting along is key.

K.D. Stout

I think that will be fine. So many female novelists used guys as their main character.

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