Screenwriting : Film Festival Awards Procedures by Jason Cardona

Jason Cardona

Film Festival Awards Procedures

Apparently I won the "best writer of the year" at this festival but now they're asking me to send 295€ so they can send me the award among a few other things. Is this type of thing the norm when it comes to film festivals?

Beth Fox Heisinger

A "festival" that asks you to send money because you won something smells like a scam. Be suspicious.

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Run for the hills.

Danny Manus

Sounds like a major scam to me! Who's Who contacts me every year and tells me I've been chosen - all I have to do is send them $99. No thanks...I know who's who!

A. S. Templeton

A fool and his money etc. Will you be that fool?

Pierre Langenegger

A Spanish comp calling themselves 'Hollywood Festival'. Ha! Scam

Pierre Langenegger

Tell them you don't want a trophy and they should just email a pdf of the certificate.

Wouter Wiggeleer

Had the same issue. I appearantly won the 'best new actrees' award (Yes, they wrote it with 2 e's). I contacted an official film review compagny (Flanders Image) and they recommended me not to pay the 295 euro aswell. Today is the deadline of payment. The weird thing is you can't find any info about the festival... Except this:

Kevin Doy Burton

I'm glad you won but to my knowledge you shouldn't have to pay anything and they should pay for everything. Watch out for scammers during the holliday season or any other time.

A. S. Templeton

I'm shaking my head at this point; why is anybody still thinking about this? Hit delete and move on...

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

I'm getting the award for best mark.

Chanel Ashley

I can send everybody an award for 10 Euros, any takers?

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Channel: me, me, me-me!

Chanel Ashley

Haha, and the winner is…PHILLIP! I got a good feeling about next year, Phil, I see potential for most of us, what do you think?

David E. Gates

If it sounds too good to be true... it usually is.

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