Screenwriting : Filmmaker In Search of Short Film Scripts To Produce by Anthony Haden Salerno

Anthony Haden Salerno

Filmmaker In Search of Short Film Scripts To Produce

If you have a short film script you're aching to get made and feel my directing/producing/editing style would lend itself to the story you'd like to share with the world then get in touch with me. Let's make a movie! Check out my the trailer for my latest short film LAPSE: Or watch the entire Internationally-Acclaimed film here: Although LAPSE is long for a short film, I am looking for scripts 15min & under. Thanks to all the artists out there... Hope to work with many of you soon!

Denise Treadwell

I have a short that is inspirational (Christian). Is this genre one that you may be interested in? If not, I'm working on others. Please give any specifics that would give me a better idea of what you're looking for. Thanks.

Anthony Haden Salerno

@ Denise - Very interested in spiritual pieces, not so much in specific religious subject matter, though. @ Jacqueline - Looking to make a short 15min or less.

Denise Treadwell

I understand. Thanks for responding so promptly:)

Daniel Cruz

Hey, I don't think I have a short at the moment that would work, but I would really be interested in writing one for you. I really enjoyed Lapse and I would love the chance to get to work with you.

John Gray

Good luck with everything you do Mr. Salerno!

Max Phillips

Wow, and amazing film!

Denise Treadwell

I do have a dramatic piece I'd like for you to consider. Is there a submission form that we need to complete? Please advise of the protocol to submit the script and where. Thanks.

Philip Hay

I have a few scripts that may work well. Let me know the terms and submission Criteria. I also have Talent attached as necessary. Cheers

Jacob Greenberg

I have a few unique scripts...

Marvin Willson

Nice looking trailer, but tbh, I have no idea what the films about,

Jacob Greenberg

I have no trailers, only screenplays -

Steven Chaney

Anthony - Beautifully shot and executed. It's nice to see something with a little polish on here. Kudos. Marvin - It seems to me it is about a man struggling with substance abuse and perhaps mental anguish that comes along with addiction, and the story follows him as he makes the decision to either get better or crumble under the weight of the addiction.

Mary Ellen Gavin

Anthony-I felt as if I were in France screening an artist's work of deep emotion, dark and light, that is usually only portrayed by the French. This work is rare and you should be proud of it. MEg

Alex Sarris

Had a look and your trailer looks great. Please post more info about youself, website etc... Hit me up with what you are looking for Anthony, and I'll write a short in the mood and theme you want. I have a number of shorts optioned and produced so I know what makes them a stand out. Alternatively, I also have a short that would suit your style, it's titled "Marble Town" one location (a cemetery) and about a dozen characters. Regards Alex

Samantha Williams

Hi Anthony,sent you a message about my short film script.

Lee Smith

Hello Anthony, I also have a short screenplay and I think that your visual style would go great with my script. Let me know if you would like to read it.

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