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Kiril Maksimoski

Final Draft cutting pages

Hi All,

Really need somebody to advise why is the Final Draft "cutting pages" on scripts. I have a script that was 83 pgs long in Celtix and when transferred into Final draft had only 67? Why's that...formatting?

Thanks in advance!

Jamie Sadler

It might be down to how the pages split, I know it can differ between software. Has it broken up lines across pages?

Rob Jones

One of my partners uses Writers duet and when it transfers I gain a page or two on FD. That many pages makes it seem like something is off.

Tony S.

Check which Template you're using. File, New From Template. There are a number of screenplay templates. Try each one until your page counts match, or at least arrive in the same ballpark. You lost 20% in the transfer.

Anthony Moore

Depending on which version of FD you have, there was a bug discovered in v10 that would change the line spacing, shortening or lengthening an imported script by up to 20%. Its been fixed with an update. But if you haven't installed the latest patch it could explain why its happening.

Dan MaxXx

I use Fade In & Highland but I print and create PDF using Final Draft. I've noticed a slight space differences from screen to print/pdf. Final Draft usually 'adds" half-page. My guess FD uses its own "courier font."

Daynon Sloane

I use Celtx, the old standalone version. When I save it to PDF the number of pages always goes up, but I have never used Final draft.

Doug Nelson

I don't know what version of FD you're using (I have FD 9 on this machine) so I don't know if this will work for you. Go to 'format' in the header, scroll down to 'leading'; click on 'regular'. Hope that works for you.

When you talk about 'font size': Courier is a non-proportional typeface which means that every character occupies the same space as every other character - 12 point means 12 characters (space included) per inch. A period (.) occupies the same space as a capital M.

John Ellis

I've found in FD that switching fonts from FinalDraft Courier to Courier New (which is just as acceptable) changes character spacing, which changes the page count.

Tony S.

Point is also a measurement of height. 1 point = 1/72nd of an inch. Then, 72 point type is one inch high.

Karen Stark

Sometimes I notice FD11 bumps me off the page a little early. I think it has some kind of formatting program that measures the page left and if you say start a new scene it can drop you onto a new page. So chances are it's reordering a little.

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