Success Stories: MAY'17 Finalist again...

Dawn Greenfield Ireland

Finalist again...

One of my scripts has been on a roll. The Far Corner (formerly titled The Crowd), is my psychological supernatural horror screenplay. It has been a finalist in several competitions. The most recent was announced last week: Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship.

The Far Corner (formerly titled The Crowd) psychological horror/supernatural

· Finalist ~ Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship 5/2020

· Finalist ~ Filmmatic Horror Script Competition 1/2020

· Finalist ~ Script Competition 11/2017

· Finalist ~ Reel Writers Script Competition 8/16/2015

· Semifinalist ~ Screencraft Script Competition 8/21/2015

Peter Mahan

Congratulations Dawn! Say, I'm curious, how many drafts of The Far Corner have you written since your first Finalist designation in 2015 and the latest one? Do you like the latest version better than the 2015 version?

Phillip "The Gent" Hardy


Dawn Greenfield Ireland

Peter -- I've made few adjustments since 2015. Here's some comments from 2015:

ScreenCraft Horror evaluation: The Far Corner is an intense psychological, supernatural horror narrative reminiscent of movies like The Sixth Sense, Gothika, or even Jacob’s Ladder.

Reel Writer Competition notes:

Two investigators of paranormal phenomena take the case of a driven businesswoman who collapses into psychosis raving of creatures from another dimension.

-Jim Henson's Creature Shop could go wild with this. The slimy excretions of the creatures are so

wonderfully disgusting that each time a creature touches Jenna with its be-gooed finger, it evokes

an intense and -immediate- desire for soap and hot water.

-This script presents a world in which these incredible, paranormal events can happen. And

happen often enough that people can make a living solving the mysteries created by these

circumstances. This fictitious world has tremendous potential for expansion into a series.

Ethan Frome

Congrats! Hope it gets made

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