Screenwriting : Finally got an agent to rep my script with a sale price of 1.4 million! Maybe he will do yours! by Stephen Thor

Stephen Thor

Finally got an agent to rep my script with a sale price of 1.4 million! Maybe he will do yours!

Hello all

After literally hundred of query letters and other methods, I finally landed a screenplay agent. His methods seem unusual and even perhaps fake, but he assured me that my spec script was "a lock". To see my agent in action, go to my profile/Links/ and click on the "my screenplay agent" link. Funny thing tho, the last time I tried to call him, his number came back as "not in service". ???

The Last Friends of Willie Coyote
The Last Friends of Willie Coyote
Please take a few minutes to look around this site - it's fun! Although there is a lot of Coyote / Roadrunner - related stuff and information in here, the main purpose of this site is so that you can…
Doug Nelson

Ya sure, you betcha.

John Day

This post sounds like an SNL sketch of someone trying to sound like an American (imagine Mike Myers if you're my age). Even Doug isn't old enough to fall for the banana in the tail pipe (name that reference). No offense -- love your posts, Doug.

Danny Manus

lol please god let this be a fake joke post...

Phil Clarke

John: an easy one - Beverly Hills Cop. Gimme another. :)

Owen Mowatt

Easy?? Took you 6 hours, Phil!

Bill Costantini

You have to admit, though, TV's Frank from MST3K absolutely nails the Allen Habel agent role from The Big Picture in the video. (RIP, JT Walsh - he sure was a great one.).

Great post, Iggy Pop - I mean Stephen Thor - you're a funny guy.

And I just shared your concept with a Las Vegas casino owner, and he bids $2.2 million for the Wile E Coyote script, plus one-year in the penthouse suite - totally comped! All we need to make this deal happen is your bank account number/SSN/DOB before the bank closes at six. Hurry, Stephen, the clock is ticking!

Victor Titimas

Beware of scams. If someone claims you can get a huge amount of money, provided you pay a smaller sum first, it IS a fraud, a scam technique.

Tony S.

Acme: Always Reliable Failures. Beep-beep!

Phil Parker

Now THAT'S entertainment. Thanks, Stephen!

Stephen Thor

I just KNEW I would finally run into an honest person here, but Bill you forgot to give me your contact address! But I can overnight anything you need, my family is so happy with me after reading that I am finally about to be a success, especially after losing approx. $400,000 to fakes since I wrote and tried to promote the script. I KNOW I can trust you!

OK, IT WAS A JOKE. But seriously, TV's Frank was so horribly treated by Dr. Forrester. That being said, the funniest part is when he broke Frank's flimsy desktop over his head.... almost a 3 stooges comedy affect. I have been an MST 3000 fan for decades now and thought that skit might be fun for those of us who have a thought or two about the honesty of some in the Hollywood business.

In fact, I was thinking of STEALING that skit to my own ends (yes, it is true beginning screenwriters, your script WILL be stolen, hahahaha)! * I will set myself up in the same fake way TV's Frank did, use all the hot Hollywood terms to my clients, etc. I could call a writer at a time when his friends or family are around and mention there is a bidding war with major studios regarding his script, Bill's message to me, etc. The only difference being is that people would KNOW it was all a fake and everyone involved could have fun with it, especially me since I was basically told by a great Blacklist reviewer that hell would freeze over before my script would be considered by Warner Bros. and I actually agree with him, so I need another project that does not actually involve any work or writing.

My point is that SOMEONE should write the first live action story about the eventual fate of Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner... I mean, do we really want 'IRONMAN 8" or whatever it is up to now or would you rather watch the very first cartoon to live action conversion of the two? It does NOT have to be my script or even close to it! And I won't even mention my Nellis conversion award! Nope, it's not about me at all. All the Batmans, Supermans, Fantastic 4's, Transformers... sick of them. Even Fred Flintston had a live action movie for crying out loud. just about every classic cartoon or comic/otherwise series in the 60's and up had their chance at the big screen, and many did very well, even the sequels.

* just register it with the writer's guild and the library of congress and don't worry, seriously, I have never heard of a stolen script... maybe a few stolen stories, but not the ENTIRE script (only parts of it hahaha). KIDDING AGAIN!

Stephen Thor

btw Bill, you can call me Iggy Pop, Stephen, or "hey you". But after my numerous religious conversions, starting as a Cathlic , then a Luthern, I really went off the deep end. For two years I studied with the Monks in the High Hymalayas before they finally kicked me out because I was smoking all their hash. I did not care anyway as I was tired of being cold all the time. I then did my "Sholin Priest" thing in unsophistigated Midwest drunk bars and dives and got tired of getting my butt kicked in the sawdust every single time. I have now, due to the relaxation of the m.j. laws in California, converted to the way of the Rastafari and my nickname is now "Ufta Lufta Smoker" (but you can call me Lufta). No spellcheck on this comment!

Bill Costantini


Good news, bad news, and good news/bad news.

The good news: you are on a par with brilliant studio execs who smell money in those coyote tracks, and who think a WIle E. Coyote film is a great idea. CONGRATS, BRO.

The bad news, Warner Brothers has already contracted with Chris McKay and The Silberman brothers to make a Wile E. Coyote. OH DRATS, BRO.

The good news/bad news. The casino owner that I know has decided to invest in IRONMAN 8. He thanks you for the idea, and offers you a free sumptuous lunch buffet for your efforts - as long as you gamble $100 or more on the Raging Rhino $5 Slot Machine between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., Mon-Thur. (Progressive Jacket is now up to $8.50). .

Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes....

Stephen Thor

The main idea was to bring the story to the screen and it did not make any difference who did, as long as it is good. of course, one would prefer theirs to be selected but the eating the bear thing I know.I will click on the link... thank you very much for it. shit!

Stephen Thor

That movie is animated. Live action is what I am about. That is the whole deal. Problably good as a cartoon and safe, a fluffy way to kill the Roadrunner maybe? Still no live action . double shit! Still thanks for the neww, but you know, as I always thought, that all the other greats, with the Roadrunner being the best one of them all imhp, they would do a live action (Transformers type stuff) and have EVERYONE happy. The one I offer is much too dark, no cartoon and definitely not kid-friendly... a pg-17 rating is what an experienced person told me. But somehow Warner Bros. make it come out soft and even the coyote constantly trying to murder the Roadrunner like he always did will be viewed as fluffy and cudly... thanks anyways again Bill.

Victor Titimas

I hope that if today, this post is now just a story, it may one day become a reality for you! :)

Stephen Thor

Well, there is always Spiderman 6 or whatever it is up to by now, but thanks Victor... Stephen Thor

William Gunn

Hi Stephen, I'd like have you connect me with your agent if possible. Thanks William -

William Gunn

Sorry I'd like TO have you connect me if's early here!

William Gunn

Hi Stephen, could you please connect me to your agent? If so, that would be terrific!

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