Screenwriting : Finished screenplay by Kenny O'Connell

Kenny O'Connell

Finished screenplay

Hi, just wanted to say hello as I am a new member. I have just finished my first screenplay, any advice would be welcome.

Pamela Bolinder

Congrats Kenny! My advice: Stay the course! Best wishes for your success.

Dan MaxXx

Put it away for a month, come back and do a rewrite, then send it out for notes.

Charlotte Talley

hey Kenny, I agree with Dan Maxx yes put it down for awhile then come back and do rewrites . my first screenplay i did this advice and when I came back i ended up doing 4 rewrites to it. then when it was at its best I got it copywrited.

Teresa Barber

The BEST advice I've been given as a new screenwriter is; put it aside and begin another. Put the second aside and begin a third. When you finish your third, you're a better writer and ready to begin rewrites.

Stevan Šerban

Listen to Dan and Teresa!

Kenny O'Connell

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated.

Dan Guardino

Kenny. Congrats and good luck with your screenplay.

Doug Nelson

Congratulations on finishing the first draft of your first screenplay. Now, put it aside, go celebrate and pick it up again later When you read it again, you'll realize just how bad it is and how you fix it will be pretty easy - then rinse & repeat.

Jason Mirch

Hey Congrats Kenny! That is no small feat. I am the Director of Script Services at Stage 32. If you have any questions on next steps feel free to reach out at

Shawn Speake

That’s what’s up, Kenny!

Shawn Speake

Huge congrats

Daynon Sloane

Congrats on completing your first screenplay. I am a new member here as well. After I finished my first screenplay, I was advised to enter it into some screenplay competitions, just to see how it would do. I have had some success in these competitions, but it can get expensive. He also told me to get used to rejection, as it is part of the learning curve. Good luck with your writing.

Dan Guardino

Kenny. Most new screenwriters make the same mistakes when starting out so you might want to see if you can get someone with more experience to read it and give you some feedback. Just a suggestion.

Kenny O'Connell

Thanks, Daynon, I did enter my first ten pages and got a recommendation as a writer and project. I also got a score of 5 except for originality, in which I got 4. So I will be entering the competitions. Good luck to you also.

Imo Wimana Chadband

Hey Kenny! Welcome to the community bro. Congrats on finishing your first screenplay. I think most already gave sound advice moving forward. Wishing you the best! Keep reading. Keep writing. Keep learning. Keep pushing. Keep perfecting the craft.


Jim Boston

Kenny, all the VERY BEST to you...and welcome to Stage 32!

Kenny O'Connell

Than you to everyone for the warm welcome, very much appreciated.

Roxanne Paukner

Congrats, Kenny, and keep writing, reading, learning, asking... :)

Craig D Griffiths

Unless you believe you will never write another story. You should start writing another script.

You should also start listening to Scriptnotes podcast. This is a must.

Kenny O'Connell

Hi Craig, in addition to the completed film script, I've also got the first draft of a 60 minute TV script and a 35 minute short. I attend seminars and listen online to a lot of stuff, but the bottom line is for me, you have to have a product and someplace to push it. Stage 32 seems a good place right now.

Phil Clarke

Welcome, Kenny. Other S32-ers have given plenty of solid general advice. If you ever want specific help on a project, do come have a chat any time.

Kenny O'Connell

Hi Phil, good to connect with you again. A chat sounds good.

Phil Clarke

Kenny O'Connell Ah of course. The name didn't immediately register. Civvy Street, right?

Kenny O'Connell

Yes Phil.

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