Screenwriting : First 10 Pages Script Coverage by Steve Sherman

Steve Sherman

First 10 Pages Script Coverage

Has anybody done this? I am considering it with an LGBTQ pilot I have but have no idea who to have read. Suggestions?

Steve Sherman

Hello? Anybody home?

J. Poteet

My first go to for new content is to read scripts from similar shows or films - priceless in terms of helping me understand my own goals. Additionally I would seek out real stories from that community for inspiration - not sensationalized excerpts but real life issues.

Jeff Caldwell

Email or message Jason Mirch. He can probably help you find a reader with experience in the genre.

M L.

Check out screenplaymechanic. He posts around here occasionally. Used his services for 7 scripts and he gives good notes and suggestions.

Stevan Šerban

John Fahy is a great professional and has extensive experience and excellent references. I have used his services and I am very pleased with his service. Also John is a member of Stage 32.

RB Botto has done a great job bringing us all together in this wonderful community!

Pierre Langenegger

Steve Sherman what are you hoping to achieve with a first 10 page coverage and what do they charge vs feedback on a full script?

Steve Sherman

Pierre, I am hoping that my first 10 pages are strong enough to get an experienced professional executive reader interested enough in my work to read the whole script. That's what I am hoping to achieve. I just want to make sure I am sending the work to the reader most interested in the material.

Steve Sherman

Thank you to everyone for your advice. If I could just get this material into the hands of Ellen. lol

Danny Manus

Steve, whats the point in making sure your first 10 pages are great if your next 10 pages suck?? if you want to get REAL notes and feedback, great. But do it on your whole script, not just 10 pages. thats not going to help you. If you want real comprehensive notes on your script, im Happy to help over at No BullScript. But dont waste your money on the first 10 pages.

Steve Sherman

No Bullshit Danny, how much is this going to cost me?

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