Screenwriting : Follow up by John Iannucci

John Iannucci

Follow up

OKay, so I’m taking the advice and querying one screenplay at a time (except to agents and managers as I have been getting a fairly good response from them.)

My question is —

Once I query one movie - how long would you wait to query the same producer the next one.

Over the past five years, I have concentrated on craft only. (Studying it, etc.) Finished 4 scripts - with thousands of rewrites, tightening and having an editor check. Yes a year and a half is long to write, but not if the win is a polished perfect script (I know there really isn’t one, but a guy can dream)

I feel all four are ready for the business end now (while I start my fifth)

John Iannucci

By the way, thanks for all the advice

Sam Borowski

John, You should be querying Indie Producers - there are plenty of them - who have more incentive to make your film. Also, the more Film Festivals you attend, the better your chances to make a connection, simply because when you meet them in person, you've cut through the faceless email / snail mail step and they've met you, talked to you, liked you and possibly had a drink with you at an after-party. They've already connected with you. If your personalities mesh, they have more reason to like your script and work with you. Hope this helps. GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH!!!

Tasha Lewis

I have a checklist from a class I took "How to get an agent and manager." Let me know if you need it.

Craig D Griffiths

Yep I would go the indie producer route. Find someone that is a good fit for the work and reach out. Perhaps even an actor that has been on a movie with them.

To me this is like building any relationship. You see someone you want to ask out on a date. You can go straight up and ask them out. Or if you know someone that knows them, you may ask to be introduced.

You just have to be in front of these people. Festival have been suggested. That sounds solid advice.

But you have done everything correct. Building a relationship with no craft mean you’ll be remembered as the person with no craft.

John Iannucci

Sam, any festivals coming up in the northeast?

Tasha Lewis

Here are some resources., and

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