Screenwriting : Free 10 min Pitch Prep From Happy Writers by Sy Shanti

Sy Shanti

Free 10 min Pitch Prep From Happy Writers

Hey Guys, I don't know how many people have taken advantage of this but if you haven't I strongly recommend it! I spoke with Erica who was absolutely amazing, she was able to bring a HUGE flaw in my story about, ironically enough, my main protagonist not having a well developed flaw. She was able to do this just by hearing my "party pitch" and asking a few questions. Her suggestion also fixes my ending before I even knew there was a problem there, she gave me some great tips and advice and I'm defiantly going to use The Happy Writers coverage service when I'm finished writing my treatment. If she was able to give me that much useful information with a 10 min phone call off a pitch, I can imagine what can been done reading my work and giving notes! Do yourself a favor, take advantage of this while they're offering it. You'll thank yourself later. Thanks again Erica! -Sy

Stacy Baker Masand

that's fantastic, sy! i second your comments about the free call -- it's invaluable. i can vouch for the coverage as well. i worked with jairo, who was very insightful and strategic in his notes, but i have a feeling the entire roster of execs gives amazing feedback. good luck with your script!

Robert Destefano

Where can I sign up for this opportunity? :D

Amanda Toney
Sy Shanti

Thank you Joey I'm looking forward to the coverage! And thank you for the confirmation and well wishes Stacy! -Sy

Robert Destefano

Sent my email Joey! Can't wait to hear from you!

Brian Fitzpatrick

I agree- I had a call with Joey last week and he nailed a couple problems in my logline immediately! I'm gearing up to use their coverage services and jump in on some pitch opportunities. Stage 32 is a one-stop shopping experience! :)

Brian Fitzpatrick

Robert, click on "Happy Writers" at the top right of the page, and you're there.

Samantha Mann

I'm interested in this, how do I participate? I sent an email to Joey inquiring about it, but I wasn't sure what information he needed so I just asked him how I participate.

Samantha Mann

Thanks Joey, I'm surprised you could get back to me so quickly, much appreciated. :)

Samantha Mann

Is there anything I need to send Joey before this pitch session? Are these conducted by phone or by email?

Jarrod Finn

So they read over the script, and you have a 10 min call covering the script (i.e., flaws, selling points, etc) all for free?

Kimberly Kaplan

I like the pitch prep, I like talking with Joey! It's all good and all worth it!

Brian Fitzpatrick

Jarrod, the call is not script coverage. The call is a career check-in, a discussion on your needs and your next steps. I found it very helpful!

Samantha Mann

Okay I thought this was all done online, so should I email Joey with my phone number before the scheduled time? Or will they just ask the day of? Sorry for these questions, I've never done this before.

Patricia Santos Marcantonio

Thanks for the info

Sy Shanti

Samantha, when you email Joey your number he will he email you a day and time to see if that time works for you, if it does you'll receive the call at that time.

Larry Woldenberg

Thanks for sharing this service, Sy. Sounds like a great idea! I paid Joey Tuccio to prep a pitch session over 30 minutes. He was really helpful as well.

Sy Shanti

Hey Larry, you're very welcome. Yeah Joey is awesome and Happy Writers is an one of the best all inclusive services for writers I've came across, the appetizers of free help they give us is equivalent of a full meal compared to the places I've seen. : )

Roberta (Grubaugh) Vlier

When is the next one??

Sy Shanti

Hey Roberta, its still going on, (as far as I know), email Joey and tell him you're interested

Sandra Campbell

I just sent an email, Joey!

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