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Patricia Poulos


We need someone to vet those coming onto this site. Of course it's impossible to protect us from those who really want to get in, but more recent acceptances have raised serious issues. A good start might be to ensure a photograph and bio. This used to be the case. I was banned from this site until I uploaded a photo (albeit a photo of a photo). My latest is Koda Chrome - no photo - no bio - seeking writers for a script. There are no words to describe this site under the hand of RB but we do need our backs covered. A lot of stuff is out-putted here. What does everyone think??

Doug Nelson

On one hand I agree with you but on the other hand, I disagree with you.

This is a public site and the vast majority of participants are total & complete newbie dreamers. There are a few old fire horses who sincerely offer guidance along with number of snarky types who are of no value whatsoever. Additionally there are some trollin' the forum in the hopes of conning the dreamers out of a buck or two. So I agree with you.

There are private screenwriting forums comprised only of vetted working tv & film writers. Access is limited to working (and some retired) writers only with membership sponsored by an existing member. The quality of discussions is obviously superior to what you see in the public forums but they tend to be pretty exclusionary.

The two types are intended for two distinct audiences and both have their value.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

I don't normally accept friend requests without a bio. Plus anyone that solicits me in a PM gets booted right away. I had a lot of those a few months back but nothing recently.

Patricia Poulos

Hi Doug,

Like an introduction to the alternative. If you know anyone, will provide my email. Thank you. Yes, as I said if they want in they'll get in. I've made a point not to accept but others may not note the danger. My Resume on this site has been corrupted by one such scammer.

Patricia Poulos

Thanks Phillip.

Patricia Poulos

Thanks Laura. But I think RB and Amanda should not welcome them if there is no bio or picture. I realize this is an automated event but caution could perhaps be considered.

Jean-Marie Mazaleyrat

Hi Patricia Poulos, this network is public and free. It's just made as an open door for everyone to get Happy Writers' services. And that's also a chance for so many fake professionals to plug their own liitle workshops.

There are many private networks about movies and screenwriting. Just browse Facebook or G+ for example. BTW, most of these are not so much better.

Patricia Poulos

Jean-Marie Mazaleyrat Thank you. I'm not on any other 'social' site, but for my screenwriting wouldn't be here either. But felt a little more secure going on this site.

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