Success Stories: OCT'31 Got an agent

Antwon Taylor

Got an agent

Hello, everyone. I am proud to announce that I've signed with an agent in NY to exclusively represent my comedy feature film, "The Carpet Guys." Now it's time to get the rest of my projects out there. Hope everyone is doing well and and have a blessed one. Antwon Taylor

Amira Therese

Awesome! Having an agent is part of the learning experience. Congratulations and Break a Leg!

Antwon Taylor

Thanks, Erica, Jim, and Amira. Much success to you all.

Jeffrey Walesa

Congratulations!! Enjoy the ride.

Antwon Taylor

Thanks, Jeffrey!

Alexington Westmont

Congrats man.

Silena Fuller

Congats....Good luck !

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Antwon: Congrats and good work.

Antwon Taylor

Thank you, Silena and Phillip. May your journeys be blessed.

Debbie Croysdale


Antwon Taylor

Thanks, Debbie. :)

Tad Wojnicki

Way to go, Antwon! :) You got the vibes of someone kissing the golden statuette!

Antwon Taylor

Thank you, Tad. I appreciate that. Many blessings to you.

Gina Leone

Congratulation, Antwon.

Evelien And Dorien Twins

happy and great to hear that, Antwon! We hope more exciting things to come for you!

Antwon Taylor

Thank you very much, Kathryn, Gina, and Eveliendorien. God bless you.

KD Langford

Brilliant! Really pleased for you Antwon. How did you celebrate or plan to celebrate?

DL Miles

Congrats Antwon! It's nice to hear the rewards of handwork and dedication.

Kenneth W. Wood

Way to go bro.!

Nathanial House

Congrats man!! It's always good to hear good news!

Antwon Taylor

Thanks to you all, guys. I really appreciate it. To KD - Well, I really haven't thought of celebrating because I haven't quite made it to my destination just yet. Although, attaining an agent is definitely a feat of it's own. To Jake - The film hasn't been made yet, buddy. My agent is just shopping it around at the moment, and hopefully someone will bite soon. Although a notable comedian actor by the name of Michael Blackson has garnered interest in playing a role in the script. Which is pretty cool. Thanks agin to every last one of you and I wish much success to you all.

L. Tish Jordan

Awesome! Best of luck!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie


Antwon Taylor

Thank you Stage 32 staff and thank you as well, Tish. Best of luck to you also.

Elaine Haygood


Phil Richards

Well done!

Myesha Howze


Stephen Barber

Great work

Antwon Taylor

To Elaine, Phil, Myesha, and Stephen: Thank you guys. I wish you all much success.

Ramon Richardson


Shannon Forth Davies

Way to go!

Brad Rushing

Very nice!

Steven Morris


Randy Mars

Well done!!

Rick Jey


Ashley Moore

Congratulations Antwon.

Antwon Taylor

Thanks, guys

CJ Childress

Super Congrats! Do you have any updates to share about your film?

Colin Guest

Great news hope all goes well for you.

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