Screenwriting : Happy Writers Questions - Pitching without a Script by Jason Levy

Jason Levy

Happy Writers Questions - Pitching without a Script

I am very anxious and excited to pitch with Happy Writers. However, the three concepts I am most excited about are not completed scripts. Has anyone ever pitched without a script. Btw, Kathy Schenfelt has an awesome posting on Pitching Advice. Check it out.

Mario Bobzin

I have never pitched without having a completed script ready. However, I know another writer that tried pitching the same (incomplete) project at a couple of pitch seminars, only to see the project made by a studio two years later. It could be that another writer had a similar project ready to go; or it could be that one of the pitch seminar producers liked the idea and hired their own screenwriter to complete the script. We'll never know. Always be careful pitching material that has no copyright in your name.

Jason Levy

Awesome! Thanks Kathy. You're the best!

Jason Levy

Awesome! Thanks so much Joey!

Jason Levy

Jeff, how do you register a treatment?

Jason Levy

Thanks again Kathy! You're quickly becoming one of my favorite people. :D

Jason Levy

Do you know if I can put more than one treatment into one entry?

Pj McIlvaine

Forget WGA registration. Waste of time and money. Do the LOC, it lasts a lifetime.

Jason Levy

Kathy, the WGAw. I'm wondering if I could put two treatments on one entry. Do you know if that's feasible?

Jason Levy

Awesome. I agree. :D

Leffié Martin Jr

I have before knowing exactly what you wil be doing and being able to explain it simply I find helps if I have to pitch something without a script.

Michael L. Burris

I try to think of 5-10 new projects a week and talk them out to myself in my head. Periodically I line out a few of the ideas every couple weeks. What I talk out is a "pitch" in a sense to myself. I just think later about what I pitched to myself and if the idea remains or holds weight it might be a decent idea. To protect yourself perhaps register at least the outline with WGAE before pitching it's only ten bucks. I don't think that step is paranoia just good sense.

Jason Levy

The treatment is only 10 bucks? Could you give me a link?

Maria Blanco H.

I´m about to pitch my finished script and I have to copyright it ASAP. On the other hand, about the previous conversation, pitching unfinished work; I´m currently working on my next project and you gave me the idea of not waiting to finish the script to pitch it. Thank you guys! I guess you can approach different kinds of producers with different genres at a pitchfest.

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