Screenwriting : Happy news to start off the year! by Krista Crawford

Krista Crawford

Happy news to start off the year!

Happy to say that I just signed my first option for a horror comedy feature that I originally wrote as a 60 minute pilot. I'd been working with a company to convert it to a feature and after a couple drafts of a synopsis, they have sent me an option contract for six months! Obviously no guarantee that it will get made at the end of those six months but I feel pretty good about it and at taking this next step in my writing career! Couldn't have done it without Stage 32 and all its members!! 

Dan Guardino

Congrats! That is real good news!

Craig D Griffiths

This is a really good option story. If someone options a completed work, they are renting it off you and will try to see if they can get backing form somewhere.

In your case. An option for something that isn’t 100% complete is a huge vote of confidence. They are saying they don’t want anyone else to have an opportunity to get hold of the work, or even see the work.

Well done.

Dan MaxXx

Nice! Make sure you have a contract stating who owns the drafts, every step , $$ penalties renewals.

Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator

Way to go Krista! Is this the one you've submitted here before that received a double rec? I'd love to tell the reader if so, he was quite fond of that script.

Krista Crawford

Hey Nick! No, it's a different one although I am getting quite a few reads on that one as well, which is awesome!

Barry John Terblanche

Well done Krista. All the best forward with it.

Chaun Lee

Oh wow! Congratulations, Krista!! That's huge!

Aray Brown

Congratulations Krista! So excited for you !

CJ Walley

Congrats and well done. Particularly impressive at this time.

Luemisher James


Congrats and God bless you. So happy for you!

Phil Clarke

Well done, Krista.

Jim Boston

Krista, you ROCK, ROCK, ROCK!

Way to go...and all the VERY BEST to you!

Navid Lancaster

That is awesome! Congratulations!!

Gerry Barrett


Katherine de Bois

Well done. This is wonderful news.

Monica Mansy

Congratulations, Krista Crawford! This is amazing news; all my best to you!

Katherine de Bois

This is truly wonderful news. Congratulations.

Xaviera Iglesias

Congratulations! :)

Angie Baggett

That's great! Best of luck!

Bill Albert


Martin O'Toole

BOOM... Congrats!!

Abdur Mohammed

Congratulations...may the road ahead be a prosperous one. Good luck.

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