Screenwriting : Has this ever happened to you? by Derek McHenry

Derek McHenry

Has this ever happened to you?

So, two years ago, I completed my second script called THE STRAP.  It's a post-apocalyptic, pro-wrestling action spectacular.

Anyway, I tweeted producer Adi Shankar for ideas on people who would be possibly interested in it.  He suggested I hit up John Hennigan, then Impact Wrestling Champion.  I thought that was a great idea considering that I modeled one of my main characters after him.

So, I began tweeting John Hennigan and he started following me on the twitters, but never responded to my tweets.

A year later, I actually meet John Hennigan when he is in Alaska working with an independent wrestling promotion.  I jokingly apologize for tweeting him so much about my screenplay, to which he asks to be reminded.  So, I pitch it to him in person, and he tells me to tweet him again.  

I tweet John again and he finally gives me a script request.  I am over the frickin' moon!

A couple of long months go by and I finally get a response, he likes my script, says its "some good shit".  

But, that's as far as he can go.  Also, he just got resigned to WWE to continue as his John Morrison character.

I feel like I completed some major quest, but I don't know what to do now. What would you do?

Marshal Gordon

Derek McHenry Perfect example of why you need to be both persistent and prepared! Congrats and good luck.

Derek McHenry

Thank you, Marshal Gordon.

Erik A. Jacobson

Did you do your homework first? What other movies has Hennigan been in? Did they make a profit? Who besides you has ever heard of him? On IMDBpro's standard Starmeter listing, Hennigan gets a 17,000, which means he's barely visible in the industry. And you want him to star in a "spectacular"?

A couple years ago a producer friend partnered with WWE execs to produce a family movie starring a couple of WWE's leading names, wrestlers most Americans didn't know or care about. The movie bombed, big-time. Lesson learned? Better to cast actors people recognize and care about , unless you're doing a small film targeted at a wrestling channel audience.

Derek McHenry

I wanted an actual pro-wrestler to give me some feedback on my script. I count myself blessed that I got one of the actual people I based one of my characters on to read my material. Plus he gave me some good notes.

Dan MaxXx

My friend worked on WWE movies; they film in Georgia or non union states. Decent low budgets; good crews. from what I remember WWE develops movies in-house. “The Marine” franchise is their top money maker.

Hit up Producers in that space. Lots of “Marine” copycats. Rewrite for overseas locations if you have to.

John Ellis

I'm with Marshal Gordon - way to persevere! I have no advice on what to do next without knowing what you're endgame is. Sell it? Produce it? Direct? Each goal has its own path.

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