Screenwriting : Have you ever read a script that made you cry? by Zorrawa Emily Ann Jefferson

Have you ever read a script that made you cry?

I just got done reading American beauty and honestly I'm actually in tears because I feel so bad for Janie and her boyfriend Ricky. It's such a tragic story.  The mother is a heartless monster. I've never read a script that made me cry. Maybe I'm just a big baby or something?

Felix Agyeman Boahen

Yh... "12years a slave" got my eyes wet... I hated how blacks "were" and "are" treated outside Africa... IT'S SO SAD.

Claude Gagne

Let's change the question to watch a "Movie." Some movies reach down so deep, that it's impossible to not shed a tear. But what makes it worse is if you're a man at the cinema house. When I was younger, I could hold it in. Now forget it, it happens. You can't reach for a tissue; you can't ask your partner for one. You're frozen to even move. You stare straight ahead and when the scene changes or something changes you still stare ahead until a bit of commotion happens around you. Then you pretend to wipe your forehead and wipe your eyes looking up. Maybe a little cough to lessen the effect. Whoa! Next time, I'll check the marquee. LOL

Doug Nelson

Yeah - some of my own scripts are so badly written that they make cry.

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